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Video Production 101 Course

Video Production 101 Course

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Video Production 101 Course

2 Sessions -
5 Hours of Interactive Training

Video Production 101 is an introductory course in digital video production. This course will walk you through all of the steps to creating and filming a high quality, professional looking digital video. Ryan will teach you how to use Adobe's industry leading tools like Adobe Story and OnLocation to script and storyboard your projects. Then learn the camera tricks and techniques that the professionals use to create a professional digital video.

  • Create and envision your masterpiece in Adobe Story and OnLocation
  • Learn professional camera moves and lighting techniques
  • Pick the right equipment and team for the job

About The Author
Ryan James absolutely loves his job teaching students about digital media, and it shows. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his time in industry, his own media company, and over 8 years in the classroom. To him nothing is as rewarding as seeing students engaged and motivated while learning a job worthy skill. He has won numerous awards and has taught at countless conferences and workshops.

Session 1

Section A: Preproduction: Concept

  • Understanding Copyright
  • Fair Use Doctrine
  • Derivative Works
  • Personal Protection and Image Release
  • Project Purpose
  • Project Concept
  • Demographics
  • Production Plan and Project Scope
  • Project Deadlines
  • Project Deliverables
  • Project Needs
  • General Production Process

Section B: Preproduction: Script Writing

  • Introduction to Adobe Story
  • Treatment and Premise
  • Story, Plot, and Conflict
  • Three Act Structure
  • Character Development
  • Writing Tips
  • Formatting
  • Script Example

Section C: Preproduction: Storyboarding

  • Scene Structure
  • Storyboard Example
  • Shot Types
  • Shoot to Edit
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Head Room
  • Nose Room
  • Lead Room

Section D: Preproduction: Shot List and Schedule

  • Shooting Script Defined
  • Shot List Defined
  • Production Log
  • Budget and Scheduling

Section E: Production Equipment: Cameras

  • Chassis
  • Sensor
  • Lens
  • Focal Length
  • Prime vs. Fixed Lens
  • Lens Filters
  • Viewfinder
  • Other Camera Parts
  • Camera vs. Camcorder
  • Prosumer Camcorder
  • Professional Camcorder
  • Camera Support

Section F: Production Equipment: Lighting

  • Hard vs. Soft Lighting
  • Lighting Accessories

Section G: Production Equipment: Microphones

  • Types of Microphones
  • Transducer
  • Pickup Pattern

Session 2

Section A: Production Equipment: Cabling

  • Video Cable Types
  • RCA/S-Video
  • Coaxial
  • Video Cables
  • Audio Cables

Section B: Production: Camera Operation

  • Exposure
  • Measuring Exposure
  • Shutter Speed
  • F-Stop vs. Shutter Speed
  • Focus
  • Depth of Field: Distance
  • Depth of Field: Focal Length
  • Depth of Field: Exposure
  • Depth of Field Chart
  • Setting Focus
  • White Balance

Section C: Production: Camera Movement

  • Pan
  • Tilt
  • Dolly
  • Truck
  • Pedestal
  • Arc
  • Zoom
  • Psychological Impact
  • Movement Review

Section D: Production: Shooting Fundamentals

  • Continuity
  • Screen Direction
  • Jump Cuts
  • A-Roll and B-Roll
  • Cuts-Only Editing

Section E: Production: Lighting Principles

  • Fall-Off
  • Hard vs. Soft Lighting
  • Triangle Lighting
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Chroma Key Lighting

Section F: Production: Audio

  • Audio Basics
  • Natural Sound
  • Ambient Sound
  • Silence
  • Monitoring Sounds
  • Aesthetics of Sound

Section G: Production Crew

  • Overview
  • Job Roles: News
  • Job Roles: Movie
  • Director of Photography
  • Script Supervisor
  • Additional Jobs