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Outlook 2010 Course (77-884)

Outlook 2010 Course (77-884)

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Outlook 2010 Course (77-884)

3 Sessions -
8 Hours of Interactive Training

Are you a student who needs to communicate with classmates on projects and assignments? Are you an office worker who needs to keep track of project tasks and schedule events? If you answered yes to either of these questions or you have just purchased a new computer and it came with Office 2010 pre-installed then this is the course for you. The Outlook 2010 course will teach everything that you need to know to become proficient and efficient with Outlook. Learn all of the new features of Outlook and get fascinating tips and tricks that will save you time and energy when working in Outlook. Michael Meskers brings his “Plain English” approach to Outlook, and we are sure you're going to love his speed keys tips.

  • Become proficient with Outlook and its tools to enhance your productivity
  • Learn to collaborate with others using Outlook 2010 new “Collaboration” pane
  • Personalize and customize your Outlook environment to help you become more efficient

About The Author
Michael Meskers is more than just a trainer. With a B.A., two Masters Degrees and fluent in six languages, Michael is highly adept at helping students understand the complexities of applications in many languages. With 19 years of combined experience as an investment banker, supervisor and manager for commercial airlines, Michael brings real-world experience into his instruction. Michael’s clients include William H. Mercer Inc., Sanford Bernstein Inc., The New School University, Digi-Com Group and the Learning Annex. Michael also authored “The Learning Line: Windows Vista” published by J. Wiley & Sons Inc.

Session 1

Section A: Getting Started

  • Introduction
  • Configuring Outlook
  • Adding an E-mail Account
  • POP and IMAP Settings
  • Interface Overview
  • Startup Options

Section B: Manipulate Outlook Options

  • General Options
  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customizing the Ribbon
  • Language Options

Section C: Managing Outlook Views

  • The Navigation Pane
  • Arranging Content Panes
  • The Reading Pane
  • To-Do Bar Options
  • Screen Resolution Considerations

Section D: E-mail Organization Techniques

  • Organizing with Custom Folders
  • Using Categories
  • Read vs. Unread
  • Viewing Message Properties
  • E-mail Follow Up

Section E: Search and Filter Tools

  • Basic Searches
  • Changing Search Options
  • Recent Searches
  • Search Folders

Section F: Create and Format E-mails

  • Composing E-mail
  • Message Themes
  • Theme or Stationery Options
  • Formatting Text
  • Changing Sentence Case
  • Font Style and Justification

Section G: Insert Content and Graphical Elements

  • Quick Parts
  • Inserting Images
  • Inserting Charts
  • Paste Special
  • Inserting Hyperlinks
  • Inserting Symbols and Horizontal Lines
  • Creating a Signature
  • Managing Signatures

Section H: Message Send Options

  • Addressing Options
  • AutoComplete
  • Hiding Receiver Addresses
  • Specifying Sender Account
  • Sent Items Folder
  • Drafts Folder
  • Flagging Messages
  • Delivery Options
  • Voting and Tracking Options

Session 2

Section A: Managing E-mails and Mailboxes

  • Working with Attachments
  • Attaching Files to E-mail
  • Mailbox Size Considerations
  • Mailbox Cleanup
  • Save Attachments
  • Remove Attachments
  • Recover Attachments
  • Lost Attachments
  • Backing Up Outlook Data Files
  • Restore Outlook Data Files

Section B: Managing Conversations

  • Conversations View
  • Ignore Conversations
  • Clean Up Conversations

Section C: Managing Rules

  • Creating Mail Rules
  • Rule Exceptions
  • Manage and Edit Rules

Section D: Quick Steps

  • Quick Steps vs. Macros
  • Creating Quick Steps
  • Manage and Edit
  • Edit, Delete, and Duplicate
  • Reset to Defaults

Section E: Managing Junk Mail

  • Junk Mail
  • Junk E-mail Options
  • Safe Senders
  • Safe Recipients
  • Blocked Senders
  • International Options
  • Allow Specific Messages

Section F: RSS Feeds and Social Networking

  • RSS
  • RSS Subscription
  • Unsubscribe RSS Feeds
  • People Pane
  • Connect to Social Networks
  • Text Messaging
  • Third-Party Providers

Session 3

Section A: Working with Contacts

  • Contact Mode
  • Create New Contact
  • Add Contact Information
  • Contact List View Options
  • Forward Contacts
  • Update a Contact
  • Suggested Contacts
  • Import Contact List

Section B: Business Cards and Contact Groups

  • Modify a Business Card
  • Create New Contact Group
  • Manage Contact Groups
  • Forward Contact Groups
  • Update Contacts and Groups
  • Add Notes to Groups

Section C: Working with the Calendar Pane

  • Arrange Calendar Views
  • Calendar Options
  • Holidays
  • Calendar Color
  • Display and Hide Calendars
  • E-mail Calendars
  • Calendar Groups

Section D: Managing Appointments and Events

  • Create a New Appointment
  • Appointment Viewing Options
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Set Reminders
  • Add Mail to Calendars
  • Forward Appointments

Section E: Meeting Requests

  • Create Meeting Request
  • Attach File
  • Add Attendees
  • Add Resources
  • Change Meeting Time
  • Set Response Options
  • Update Meeting Request
  • Cancel Meeting
  • Propose New Meeting Time

Section F: Managing Tasks

  • Task Options
  • Create a New Task
  • Assign Task
  • Task Status Report
  • Update Assigned Task
  • Move to Another Folder
  • Task Views
  • Saved Views

Section G: Working with Notes

  • Launch Notes
  • Create and Save Notes
  • Organize Notes
  • Notes Views
  • Categorize Notes

Section H: Working with Journals

  • Launch the Journal
  • Manual Journal Entry
  • Journal Options
  • Journal Views
  • Edit Journal Entries
  • Memory Options

Section I: Spelling and Printing

  • Spell Check
  • Spell Check Language Options
  • Spell Check Options
  • Print E-mail
  • Print Outlook Items
  • Print Attachments