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MTA Cloud Fundamentals (98-369) Course

MTA Cloud Fundamentals (98-369) Course

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MTA Cloud Fundamentals (98-369) Course

5 Sessions -
7 Hours of Interactive Training

The MTA Cloud Fundamentals (98-369) course is a perfect starting point for those who want to learn about cloud computing, a computing method that is ever-increasing in popularity and is a career field in great need. This course helps with employability prospects in the fields of general cloud computing and support for Office 365 and Intune. The course will also prepare students for the 98-369 exam. Topics in this course include: understanding the cloud, enabling Microsoft cloud services, administering Office 365 and Intune, using and configuring cloud services, and supporting cloud users.

  • Learn from an expert the MTA 98-369 exam objectives
  • Pre/Post test questions and interactive labs
  • Access your courseware anytime, anywhere

About The Author
Jason Manibog, LearnKey’s senior instructor, has spent over 15 years in the Information Technology arena as a trainer, consultant, and courseware writer. Jason is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with multiple certifications in Microsoft, CompTIA, and Adobe. Jason brings a wealth of real-world experience and the ability to explain things in very practical, real-life like terms to any class he teaches, courseware he writes, or e-Learning courses he develops.

Session 1

Section A: Cloud Principles

  • Course Opener
  • How to Study for This Exam
  • On-Premises IT Service Models
  • Funding Models
  • Expand Capacity
  • Configurable and Customizable Services

Section B: Cloud Security Requirements and Policies

  • Manage Privacy, Compliance Goals
  • Data Secured at Rest or On-the-Wire
  • Transparency Requirements

Section C: Staying Up to Date and Available

  • Service and Feature Improvement Process
  • Health, Maintenance, and Roadmaps
  • Guarantees, SLA, and Liability Capping

Section D: Types of Cloud Services

  • IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
  • Hybrid Scenarios

Session 2

Section A: Service Requirements

  • Office 365 and Intune Requirements

Section B: Cloud Service Plans

  • Office 365 Options, Intune Options

Section C: Sign Up for Cloud Services

  • Name Tenants
  • Set Up the First Administrator
  • Determine Tenant Location

Section D: Initial Configurations

  • Register and Verify Domains
  • Choose Domain Purposes, DNS Record Types

Session 3

Section A: Users, Groups, Services, and Licenses

  • Cloud Identities
  • Create and Manage Office 365 Users
  • Create and Manage Intune Users
  • Delete and Restore Users
  • Create and Manage Groups
  • Assign and Revoke Licenses
  • Determine User Locations

Section B: Assign Permissions

  • Assign and Revoke Office 365 Admin Roles
  • Assign and Revoke Intune Admin Roles
  • Manage Delegated Admins
  • Manage Password Policies
  • Manage Subscriptions and Licenses

Section C: Monitor Service Health

  • Service Health Dashboard
  • Subscribe to RSS Feeds
  • Monitor the Maintenance Schedule
  • Monitor the Message Center
  • Log Service Support Requests
  • Configure Alerts

Session 4

Section A: Configure Exchange Online

  • Manage Mailboxes
  • Manage Resources and Groups
  • Manage Contacts
  • Manage Antispam and Virus Settings

Section B: Configure SharePoint and OneDrive

  • Create SharePoint Sites
  • Configure External Sharing
  • Set Up Social Features
  • Apply Themes
  • Set Storage and Resource Limits

Section C: Configure Skype for Business

  • Manage User Options
  • Manage External Communications
  • Configure Dial-Ins and Meetings
  • Configure Skype for Business DNS

Section D: Configure Microsoft Intune

  • Install Client Management Software
  • Create and Deploy Policies
  • Automate Installs
  • Identify Software Requirements
  • Set Up Notifications
  • Mobile Device Management Policies

Session 5

Section A: Resolve Sign-In and Installation Issues

  • Password and Connection Issues
  • Troubleshooting Activation Problems
  • 32-Bit vs. 64-Bit
  • Identify Needed Office Repairs
  • Office 365 ProPlus and IE Requirements

Section B: Resolve Email and Calendar Issues

  • Troubleshoot Email Issues
  • Troubleshoot Delegated Mailboxes

Section C: Resolve SharePoint and OneDrive Issues

  • Identify Storage Limits
  • Troubleshoot Explorer and Sync Issues
  • Recover Deleted Files

Section D: Resolve Skype for Business Issues

  • Troubleshoot Sign-In Issues
  • Troubleshoot Connection Issues
  • Troubleshoot Communication Issues