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JavaScript Fundamentals Course (1D0-435) - Exam Retired

JavaScript Fundamentals Course (1D0-435) - Exam Retired

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JavaScript Fundamentals Course (1D0-435) - Exam Retired

3 Sessions -
8 Hours of Interactive Training

Ensure the time you spend preparing for the CIW JavaScript Fundamentals Exam is wisely spent by spending it with the experts at LearnKey. LearnKey's JavaScript Fundamentals course teaches developers how to use the features of the JavaScript language to design client-side, platform-independent solutions. Students will also gain an understanding of the most popular applications of JavaScript.

  • JavaScript language essentials, including program flow control, form validation, image animation, frame targeting and cookie creation
  • JavaScript code development, including writing programs and writing script for the JavaScript object model
  • Web site implementation, including authoring and scripting, Web content creation, Web management and digital media tools

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Session 1

Section A: Introduction

  • History
  • JavaScript vs. Java
  • Microsoft and JavaScript
  • JavaScript Standard
  • JavaScript Characteristics
  • Platform Independence
  • JavaScript Learning Curve
  • Server-side vs. Client-side
  • Coding JavaScript
  • .Write Method
  • Alert Method

Section B: Understanding Code Structure

  • ECMA Standards
  • Commenting Code
  • Debugging with Comments
  • JavaScript Code in Header and Body
  • Embedded Code
  • Code with Function/Method Calls
  • Attaching JavaScript Files
  • Common JavaScript Events
  • onMouseOver onMouseOut Demo

Section C: Variables and Identifiers

  • Variables
  • Naming Rules
  • Numerical Values
  • Strings
  • Combining Variables and Declarations
  • Concatenating Strings
  • Increment/Decrement Operator
  • User Input: Prompt()
  • Simple Arrays
  • Reassigning Array Values

Section D: Working with Functions

  • Declaring a Function
  • Calling a Function
  • Passing Arguments to a Function
  • Function Return Values
  • Functions and Variable Scope
  • Built-in Functions

Session 2

Section A: Controlling Program Flow

  • Using If Statments
  • Comparison Operators
  • If Else Statements
  • If Statement Series
  • Coding Compound Conditions
  • Coding For Loops
  • Coding While Loops
  • Coding Do While Loops
  • Understanding Endless Loops
  • Coding Break and Continue Statements
  • Looping through Arrays
  • Coding For…In Loops with Arrays

Section B: The JavaScript Object Model

  • Commonly Used Objects
  • Window Object Properties
  • Coding the Window.status Property
  • Window Object Methods
  • Coding the Window.open() Method
  • The Document Object
  • DOM Defined
  • Coercing Document Object Properties
  • Image Object
  • History Object
  • Location Object
  • Navigator Object

Section C: More with JavaScript Objects

  • The String Object
  • String.length Property
  • String.indexOf()
  • String.lastIndexOf()
  • String.substring()
  • String.charAt()
  • String Processing with User Input
  • Outputting Special Characters
  • Array Object Methods
  • Array.reverse()
  • Array.join()
  • Coding the Date Object
  • Math Object

Section D: Form Objects

  • HTML Form Elements
  • Accessing a Checkbox Object
  • Accessing a Radio Button Object
  • Accessing a Text Box Object
  • Working with Multiple Selections
  • Form Validation

Session 3

Section A: Cookies and JavaScript Security

  • Understanding JavaScript Cookies
  • Storing a Cookie
  • Setting Cookie Expiration
  • Debugging Cookies
  • Retrieving a Cookie
  • Deleting a Cookie
  • JavaScript Security Concepts
  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Cookie Session Hijacking
  • Browser History Exploitation
  • Security Tips

Section B: Working with Frames in JavaScript

  • HTML Frameset
  • Using iFrames
  • Accessing Frames

Section C: Working with AJAX

  • Content Elements
  • The innerHTML Property
  • Background Server Communication
  • XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Coding onreadystatechange Function
  • open() and send() Methods
  • Debugging with Firefox Tools
  • AJAX Code Review

Section D: JavaScript Libraries

  • Understanding jQuery
  • Installing jQuery
  • jQuery toggleClass()
  • jQuery sizeOf()
  • jQuery addClass()
  • jQuery onLoad Event
  • Searching jQuery Documentation

Section E: Custom Objects

  • Creating Custom Objects
  • Custom Object Properties
  • Creating Custom Object Methods
  • Creating the Object Constructor