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InDesign CS5 Course

InDesign CS5 Course

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InDesign CS5 Course

3 Sessions -
8 Hours of Interactive Training

So you want to become a Design Layout Professional. The InDesign CS5 course will teach you everything that you need to know about InDesign in order to begin or advance your career as a Design Layout Professional. Renowned Adobe instructor and published author Chad Chelius takes you on a tour of all the newest features on InDesign CS5 and provides insider tips and tricks that will give you the tools you need to succeed and excel in your career as a Design Layout Professional.

  • Learn how to add interactivity, motion, sound, and video to documents and presentations, exporting directly to SWF for playback in the Adobe Flash® Player runtime
  • Finally! Create pages with different sizes in a single document
  • Mark up text directly in InDesign, easily tracking copy revisions with InDesign’s new “Track Changes” feature

About The Author
Chad is an Adobe Certified Instructor and has a formal education in publishing technology. He has the trial-by-fire production experience that makes him a valuable contributor to every project on which he works. He’s served as the lead consultant for major InDesign migrations for publishing companies throughout the U.S. and is skilled in all aspects of print production, Web production, automation and XML. He is a contributing author of Adobe InDesign CS3 Digital Classroom, Adobe InDesign CS4 Digital Classroom, Adobe Photoshop CS4 Digital Classroom, Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 Digital Classroom and a Technical Editor of Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Dynamic Learning, and Adobe Illustrator CS4 Digital Classroom books.

Session 1

Section A: Introduction

  • History
  • Role of CS5 Applications
  • New Features

Section B: InDesign Interface Tour

  • Launch InDesign CS5
  • Application Frame
  • Welcome Screen
  • Tools Panel
  • Control Panel and Application Bar
  • Panel Dock
  • Opening and Closing Panels
  • Customizing the Workspace
  • Create a New Workspace
  • Customizing Application Menus
  • Working with Multiple Documents
  • Open Documents as Tabs
  • Arrange Documents Options

Section C: Navigating Documents

  • Open Existing Document
  • Pages Panel
  • Jump to Page
  • Zoom Tool
  • Zoom Shortcuts
  • Hand Tool
  • Power Zoom
  • Spread Rotation

Section D: Laying Out a Document

  • New Document Preferences
  • Units and Increments
  • Global vs. Document Preferences
  • Setting up a Document
  • Bleed/Slug
  • Document Presets
  • Facing Pages
  • Creating a Gatefold
  • Master Pages
  • Guides
  • Measure Tool
  • Internal Margin Guides
  • Creating a Magazine
  • Editing Presets
  • Grids
  • Show/Hide Baseline Grid

Section E: Drawing Objects

  • Object Frames
  • Rectangle Tool
  • Pen Tool
  • Object Grid
  • Polygon Tool
  • Ellipse Tool

Section F: Transforming Objects

  • Duplicating Objects
  • Basic Transformations
  • Scale and Rotate
  • Free Transform Tool
  • Transform Again
  • Group Objects
  • Arrange Objects
  • Horizontal Transform
  • Preview Modes

Session 2

Section A: Understanding Color

  • Group Elements
  • Selecting Colors
  • Named Colors
  • Applying Colors
  • Editing Swatches
  • Swatch Creation

Section B: Enhanced Color Options

  • Kuler Website
  • Shared Themes
  • Kuler Panel
  • Swatches Panel
  • Load and Save Swatches
  • Tint Swatch
  • Gradient Swatch
  • Gradient Tool

Section C: Working with Spot Color

  • Spot Colors
  • Color Mode/Type
  • Fill/Stroke Color
  • Tint
  • Separations Preview
  • Ink Manager

Section D: Working with Type

  • Text
  • Frames
  • Formatting Text
  • Text Color and Size
  • Type on a Path
  • Type on a Path Options
  • Text on a Shape
  • Rotate Type
  • Tracking
  • Kerning
  • Effects and Align

Section E: Document Layout

  • Pages Panel
  • Footnotes
  • Drag and Drop Text
  • Detach from Master
  • Placing Text
  • Multiple Masters
  • Linking Text Boxes
  • Smart Text
  • Spell Check

Section F: Styles

  • Clear Imported Formatting
  • Paragraph Styles
  • Apply and Refine Styles
  • Quick Apply
  • Span Columns
  • Style Override
  • Automated Styles
  • Character Styles
  • Captions
  • Nested Styles

Section G: Working with Graphics

  • Adobe Bridge
  • Mini Bridge
  • Place an Image
  • Content Grabber
  • Corner Effects
  • Place with Mini Bridge
  • Frame Fitting Options
  • Auto-Fit Content
  • Place Image without Frame
  • Image Shortcuts
  • Links Panel
  • Update Modified Image
  • Update Missing Image
  • Edit Original

Session 3

Section A: Working with Layers

  • Stacking Order
  • Layers Panel
  • Locking Layers
  • Rearranging Layers
  • Layers and Master Pages

Section B: Effects

  • Text Frame Options
  • Preparing Text
  • Effects Panel
  • Applying Effects
  • Editing Effects
  • Object Styles
  • Transparency Flattening
  • Flattener Preview

Section C: Working with Tables

  • Insert a Table
  • Modify Table
  • Place a Table
  • Basic Table Formatting
  • Add Strokes
  • Cell Styles
  • Table Styles
  • Update Linked Table

Section D: Advanced Type

  • Mapping Styles
  • Define Text Variables
  • Insert Text Variables
  • Keep Options
  • Hyphenation
  • Text Wrap
  • Baseline Options
  • Clipping Path Options
  • Update Linked Document

Section E: Automation

  • Data Merge
  • Placeholders
  • Data Merge Preview
  • Create Merged Document
  • Multiple Record Document
  • Multiple Record Layout

Section F: Export Formats

  • Adding Hyperlinks
  • Interactive PDF
  • SWF
  • Animation
  • Timing
  • Animation Properties
  • Export to SWF

Section G: Preparing for Print

  • Live Preflight
  • Preflight Profiles
  • Fixing Errors
  • Export/Embed Profile
  • Package Options
  • Document Fonts