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Illustrator CC 2015 Test Prep Course

Illustrator CC 2015 Test Prep Course

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Illustrator CC 2015 Test Prep Course

1 Sessions -
3 Hours of Interactive Training

LearnKey's Illustrator CC 2015 Test Prep course is a complementary resource to go along with the Illustrator CC course, authored by Expert Lee Wiley. Although the Illustrator CC course readies you for the Illustrator CC exam, there are new objectives and types of test questions which are covered in the Illustrator CC 2015 Test Prep course. LearnKey Senior Instructor Jason Manibog takes you through these changes, so you will have the tools you need to confidently pass the Illustrator CC 2015 exam.

  • Learn from an expert to confidently and effectively use Illustrator CC
  • Pre/Post test questions and interactive labs
  • Access your online courseware anytime, anywhere

About The Author
Jason Manibog, LearnKey’s senior instructor, has spent over 15 years in the Information Technology arena as a trainer, consultant, and courseware writer. Jason is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with multiple certifications in Microsoft, CompTIA, and Adobe. Jason brings a wealth of real-world experience and the ability to explain things in very practical, real-life like terms to any class he teaches, courseware he writes, or e-Learning courses he develops.

Session 1

Section A: Welcome

  • Introduction
  • How to Study for This Exam

Section B: Set Project Requirements

  • Identify Purpose, Audience, and Needs
  • Design and Content Considerations
  • Project Management Responsibilities
  • Communicate Design Plans

Section C: Understand Digital Graphics

  • Graphics and Illustrations Terminology
  • Composition Terms and Principles
  • Perspective Grid
  • Drop Shadow
  • The Use of Typography
  • The Use of Color
  • Image Resolution, Size, and Format

Section D: Understand Adobe Illustrator

  • User Interface Elements
  • Live Edit
  • Commonly Used Tools
  • Workspace Organization and Customization
  • Nonprinting Design Tools
  • Layers and Masks
  • Colors, Swatches, and Gradients
  • Brushes and Graphic Styles
  • Symbols and Patterns
  • Views and Modes
  • Vector Drawing Tools

Section E: Create Digital Graphics

  • Create a New Project
  • Use Vector Drawing and Shape Tools
  • Transform Graphics and Illustrations
  • Create and Manage Layers
  • Import Assets
  • Add Type Using Type Tools
  • Use 3D and Perspective Tools

Section F: Archive, Export, and Publish

  • Prepare Images for Web, Print, and Video
  • Export Graphics and Illustrations

Section G: Test Tips and Closing

  • Test Tips