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IC3 GS5 Skills for the Workplace Bundle

Course Overview

This training and certification is ideal for those who need to operate computers or computing devices at the feature and functionality level. Consider this as the perfect course for those who need to brush up on their computer skills or for those who need to show digital literacy on a resume.

The course bundle will help you bridge your digital divide with IC3 Global Standard 5 (GS5). This course bundle covers a broad range of computing knowledge and skills. The certification proves competency in computing fundamentals (hardware, software, and using an operating system), key applications (common program functions, word processing, and spreadsheet functions) and living online (networks and the Internet, email, and the impact of computing on society).



The IC3 GS5 course bundle with approximately 10 hours of instructive video, interactive labs, pre-tests/post-tests, MasterExam test prep, three exam vouchers, and three retake vouchers. We will also include our Veteran Services education coaching and the Veterans Certify for Life program.



None. Certification is ACE recommended and WILL CONVERT TO COLLEGE CREDIT.


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Price: $534.00

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Time to Complete*: 60 hours (+study time) or 3 weeks

*Estimated time includes instructional hours only and does not include certification exams or study time