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Animate CC Course

Animate CC Course

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Animate CC Course

5 Sessions -
8 Hours of Interactive Training

LearnKey's Animate CC course covers topics such as, setting project requirements, understanding rich animated media, the Animate program, creating rich animated media content using Animate, and testing and publishing these documents. Mapped to cover the exam objectives for the Animate CC ACA exam, this course will improve the employability prospects for anyone looking for work requiring skills in developing rich animated media through Animate.

  • Learn how to navigate and master new Adobe CC features
  • View your courseware online anytime, anywhere
  • Put your skills to the test with hundreds of pre/post test questions and labs

About The Author
Jason Manibog, LearnKey’s senior instructor, has spent over 15 years in the Information Technology arena as a trainer, consultant, and courseware writer. Jason is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with multiple certifications in Microsoft, CompTIA, and Adobe. Jason brings a wealth of real-world experience and the ability to explain things in very practical, real-life like terms to any class he teaches, courseware he writes, or e-Learning courses he develops.

Session 1

Section A: Welcome to Animate CC

  • Introduction
  • How to Study for the ACA Exam
  • Tour of Adobe Animate

Section B: Project Considerations

  • Identify Purpose, Audience, and Needs
  • Project Criteria
  • Copyright Permissions
  • Copyright Terms
  • People and Location Permissions
  • Creative Commons

Section C: Project Management

  • Project Elements
  • Project Phases
  • Project Deliverables
  • Project Management Problems
  • Design Plan Communication

Section D: Session 1 Recap

  • Domain 1 Test Tips

Session 2

Section A: Key Terminology

  • Types of Images
  • Types of Frames
  • Types of Tweens
  • Interactive Media Content Platforms
  • Storyboards

Section B: Design Principles and Best Practices

  • Graphic Design Elements
  • Accessibility
  • Examples of Symmetry
  • Consistency in Design

Section C: Typography

  • Typography Choices
  • Kerning, Tracking, Leading, Alignment

Section D: Animate Platforms

  • ActionScript Actions
  • JavaScript Actions
  • Object-Oriented Concepts
  • ActionScript Event Handlers
  • Data Types
  • Domain 2 Test Tips

Session 3

Section A: Interface Elements

  • The Animate Interface
  • Common Panels
  • Property Inspector
  • Timeline Elements
  • Previews in the Timeline
  • Document Properties
  • Colors and Swatches Panels
  • Align, Info, and Transform Panels

Section B: Tools

  • Selection and Subselection Tools
  • Lasso and Magic Wand Tools
  • Shape Tools
  • Pen and Pencil Tools
  • Brush Tools
  • Variable Width Tool
  • Eraser and Paint Bucket Tools

Section C: Workspaces

  • Pan and Zoom
  • Work with Panels
  • Save a Custom Workplace
  • Frame Labels

Section D: Design Tools

  • Rulers
  • Guides
  • Editing Grids and Guides

Section E: Motion Editor

  • Object-Based Animation
  • Modify Motion Paths
  • Adjust Animation Timing
  • Symbol Comparison
  • Motion Presets

Section F: Layers and Masks

  • Layers Overview
  • Organize Layers
  • Rename Layers
  • Layer Properties
  • Mask Overview

Section G: Symbols

  • Symbols in the Library
  • Library Uses
  • Symbol Benefits
  • Symbols and Instances
  • Domain 3 Test Tips

Session 4

Section A: Create a New Project

  • Set Document Settings
  • Set Document Properties

Section B: Import and Modify Graphics

  • Types of Files to Import
  • Stage Imports
  • Library Imports
  • Break Apart Graphics
  • Trace Bitmap
  • Swap Symbols

Section C: Text Boxes

  • Text Types
  • Static Text Fields
  • Expanding Width and Fixed Width
  • Format Text
  • Size Static Text
  • Anti-Aliasing

Section D: Symbols and Instances

  • Convert an Object to a Symbol
  • Create Symbols
  • Button States
  • Transparent Buttons
  • Stage and Library Edits
  • Organize Symbols

Section E: Create Animations

  • Motion Tweens
  • Frames and Keyframes
  • Frame Labels
  • Shape Tweens
  • Classic Tweens
  • Motion Guides
  • Animating Text
  • Troubleshooting Tweens

Section F: Add Controls Through ActionScript

  • Code Snippets for ActionScript
  • Code Snippets for HTML5 Documents
  • Code Snippets for WebGL Files
  • Scripting Tools

Section G: Masks and Sound

  • Mask Layers
  • Audio Types for Animate
  • Import Sound Files
  • Add Sound to the Timeline
  • Audio Streams vs. Events
  • Edit Audio

Section H: Add and Export Video

  • Video File Formats
  • Video Best Practices
  • Export Video
  • Use Adobe Media Encoder
  • Domain 4 Test Tips

Session 5

Section A: Technical and Usability Tests

  • Technical Tests
  • Test and Preview Movies
  • Spell Checking and Storyboard Tests
  • Observation and Interviews

Section B: Animate File Types

  • Export File Types
  • Linked vs. Embedded Videos
  • XMP and XFL File Types
  • Optimize Documents

Section C: Publish and Export

  • Set Accessibility Options
  • Publish Settings
  • Possible File Extensions
  • Generate an SWF File
  • Adobe AIR
  • Export Images and Movies
  • Sprite Sheets
  • Export as HTML
  • Domain 5 Test Tips

Section D: Conclusion

  • Final Test Tips
  • Final Thoughts