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Team Development Series

Team Development Series

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Team Development Series

0 Sessions -
7 Hours of Interactive Training

LearnKey''''s Team Development Series is a collection of six interactive courses – Coaching Employees to Deliver their Best, Effective Meeting Skills, Mentoring, Team Leadership, Team Problem Solving, and Working as a Team. Completing this series will arm you with an array of skills that will help develop an efficient and effective team.

  • Conduct a productive, motivating meeting.
  • Build strong teams and be an effective leader.
  • Help your team accomplish its goals.

Coaching Employees to Deliver Their Best Course
Session 1

Section A: Being a Good Coach

  • The Ultimate Coaching
  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Hats of a Coach

Section B: Counselor

  • The Counseling Equation
  • Involve Employees in Decisions

Section C: Professional Skill Groomer

  • Sink or Swim
  • Right Way

Section D: Mentor

  • The Importance of Mentoring
  • Sharing Experience

Section E: Qualities of a Good Coach

  • What Makes a Good Coach?
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Conflict Resolution

Section F: Motivation

  • How to Motivate
  • Conclusion

Mentoring Course
Session 1

Section A: Mentoring

  • Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • The Story of Mentor
  • What is Mentoring?
  • Helping Agents
  • Mentoring Relationships

Section B: Mentoring Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Shifting Context
  • Listening
  • Feelings and Feedback
  • Productive Confrontation
  • Providing Information
  • Authority and Permission
  • Exploring Options

Section C: Mentoring for Results

  • Negative Behaviors
  • Mentoring Challenges
  • Enjoy the Rewards
  • Case Studies
  • Conclusion

Team Leadership Course
Session 1

Section A: Team Building

  • Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • Key Fact

Section B: Groups vs. Teams

  • Why Teams?
  • Team Leaders
  • Key Fact

Section C: Planning and Organizing

  • Organizing
  • Leading Meetings
  • Content and Structure
  • Goals and Motivation
  • Key Fact

Section D: People Skills

  • Assertiveness
  • Coaching and Counseling
  • Key Fact

Section E: Solving Problems

  • Conflict
  • The Process
  • Key Fact

Section F: Teaming for Success

  • Building Teams
  • Successful Teams
  • Conclusion

Team Problem Solving Course
Session 1

Section A: Team Problem Solving

  • Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • Fact File

Section B: Problem Recognition

  • Process
  • Gathering Information
  • Fact File

Section C: Problem Labeling

  • Data Collection
  • Labeling Techniques
  • Defining the Label
  • Fact File

Section D: Problem-Cause Analysis

  • Root Cause
  • Techniques
  • Fact File

Section E: Optional Solutions

  • Confirming Root Cause
  • Search for Solutions
  • Fact File

Section F: Resolving the Problem

  • Decision Making
  • Fact File
  • Action Planning
  • The Six Steps

Working as a Team Course
Session 1

Section A: Team Building

  • Working Together

Section B: The Team Approach

  • When and Why to Build a Team
  • How to Assemble a Successful Team
  • Managing Stages of Team Development
  • Uncertainty
  • Role Definition
  • Working Team
  • Understanding High Performance Teams

Effective Meeting Skills Course
Session 1

Section A: Effective Meeting Skills

  • Introduction
  • Course Overview
  • Why Meetings?
  • Types of Meetings

Section B: Planning Meetings

  • Four Ws
  • Agendas
  • Time and Place
  • Layouts

Section C: Conducting Meetings

  • Leading Meetings
  • Interaction
  • Handling Conflict

Section D: Improving Meetings

  • After the Meeting
  • Group Responsibilities
  • Distractions

Section E: Meeting Success

  • Keys to Success
  • Conclusion