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Successful Negotiation Course

Successful Negotiation Course

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Successful Negotiation Course

1 Sessions -
1 Hour of Interactive Training

Save money, time and achieve satisfaction by learning to negotiate profitably. This LearnKey course, based on the book Successful Negotiation by Robert B. Maddux, covers win/win negotiating ideas and methods. Discover the best techniques for managing conflict through negotiation by using the updated case studies and examples.

  • Confidently negotiate a starting salary.
  • Use your new skills with purpose and results.
  • Become a better negotiator and improve effectiveness.

About The Author
Robert B. Maddux is president of Maddux Associates, Consultants in Human Resources Management. He has consulted with large corporations and small businesses over the past twenty years. He has worked with many organizations and people in transition, and has been instrumental in facilitating the beginning of numerous new careers in business and entrepreneurial ventures.

Session 1

Section A: Successful Negotiation

  • Introduction
  • Misconceptions
  • Course Overview
  • Key Fact

Section B: Negotiation: What and Why?

  • Destination
  • Identify Opportunities
  • Win/Win Philosophy
  • Give/Get Principle
  • Key Fact

Section C: The Negotiating Process

  • Six Steps
  • Key Fact

Section D: Strategies and Tactics

  • Preparation and Planning
  • Will and Skill
  • Negotiating Strategies
  • Key Fact

Section E: Conclusion

  • Things to Remember
  • Successful Negotiation