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Making Humor Work Course

Making Humor Work Course

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Making Humor Work Course

1 Sessions -
1 Hour of Interactive Training

There is a definite role for humor in the workplace. This LearnKey course, based on the book Making Humor Work by Dr. Terry Paulson, shows you how to problem-solve, defuse resistance to change, disarm anger, and improve and increase memory through the effective use of humor on the job. This course provides material to improve the quality of work-and life-by using humor appropriately.

  • Communicate with humor, reduce stress and anger.
  • Laughter usually is the best medicine!
  • Use techniques that encourage an open exchange.

About The Author
In addition to being a licensed psychologist and author of the best-selling book, They Shoot Managers Don't They?, Dr. Terry Paulson is editor of Management Dialogue and president of Paulson and Associates, Inc. He designs and conducts practical and entertaining programs for major companies such as IBM, Arco, Johnson & Johnson, 3-M, Nissan and Rockwell.

Session 1

Section A: Making Humor Work

  • Introduction
  • Humor Notes
  • Humor in the Workplace
  • Bad Humor
  • Bridge Building
  • Good Humor
  • Review
  • Humor Notes

Section B: Case Study: University National

  • Communicate With Humor
  • Differentiate With Humor
  • The Humor Edge
  • Humor Notes

Section C: Developing Relationships

  • Getting Attention
  • Creating Intimacy
  • Selling With Humor
  • Humor Notes

Section D: Laughter - The Stress Blocker

  • Overview
  • Stress Reducers
  • Conclusion