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Workplace Incident Investigation Course

Workplace Incident Investigation Course

Workplace Incident Investigation Course

1 Sessions -
2 Hours of Interactive Training

Workplace Incident Investigation shows you how prepare for them, how to conduct them, how to stay within the legal parameters, and how to create a written investigation policy for your organization. Learn how to conduct fair, thorough, and objective internal investigations to determine the root of a complaint or problem and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.

  • Learn how to establish legally sound investigation policies and procedures for your company
  • Learn how to prepare a written ROI (report of investigation) that will stand up in court, should your investigation reach that point
  • Learn about the legal guidelines you must follow during every step of the investigation process

About The Author
This training series was produced by LearnKey and content partner National Seminars Group. National Seminars is one of the nation's leading providers of continuing education. Each year, they provide more than 7,000 seminars and conferences in the United States and Canada. In their 20-year history, more than 10 million professionals have participated in these programs.

Session 1

Section A: Dealing with Workplace Incidents

  • Things Will Happen

Section B: Who, What, and Why

  • Fair and Legal Workplace Investigations
  • When to Conduct an Investigation
  • Publish Policies
  • Preparation
  • Investigation Quiz
  • Preliminary Questions

Section C: Investigative Interview

  • Interviewing Form
  • Conducting an Investigation Interview
  • Right Way or Wrong Way

Section D: Documentation

  • Review Policies
  • Sorting Out Issues
  • Investigative Interview Review
  • Written Report

Section E: When to Use Outside Resources

  • Management Action
  • Professional Investigator
  • Resource Options
  • Developing a Relationship
  • Workplace Protection