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Project 2010 Course (70-178)

Project 2010 Course (70-178)

Project 2010 Course (70-178)

3 Sessions -
8 Hours of Interactive Training

LearnKey's Project 2010 course will introduce you to the new features of Microsoft Project 2010. Dahlia Gelbaum is a certified Project Management Professional and her approach to teaching Microsoft Project is perfect for beginners and experts alike. What's great about this course is not only does it teach individuals the ins and outs of Microsoft Project 2010, but it also prepares individuals to take the Microsoft 70-178 exam, Managing Projects with Project 2010 MCTS.

  • Learn to build logical schedule models and manage multiple projects
  • Understand the difference between actual and remaining duration
  • Learn to communicate project information with customized views and printed reports

About The Author
Dahlia Gelbaum is a graduate of University of South Florida with a Management Information Services degree. Her certifications include: Project Management Professional (PMP), Microsoft Certified Trainer, MS Project certification / Project Server certification and CTT+ (Certified Technical Trainer) / Crystal Reports. She has been working in the software development field for 13 years and has been training for over 10 years. Dahlia enjoys working with students and sharing all the excitement she feels about technology. Today computer-based technology plays a vital role in the day-to-day operations of business. Through training technical and project management courses she gets the pleasure of utilizing her knowledge and experience. Dahlia absolutely adores what she does and hopes to encourage many students to follow their professional dreams.

Session 1

Section A: Getting Started with Project 2010

  • Overview
  • Backstage
  • Ribbon/Quick Access Toolbar
  • Using Backstage
  • Backstage Options: Display
  • Backstage Options: Schedule
  • Backstage Options: Proofing/Save
  • Backstage Options: Language/Advanced
  • Ribbon Tabs/Categories
  • Context Sensitive Tabs
  • Customizing Ribbon
  • Adding Commands to Ribbon
  • Backstage Options: Quick Access Toolbar
  • Backstage Options: Add-Ins/Trust Center

Section B: Understanding Projects

  • Getting Started
  • Project Setup
  • Calendaring
  • Project Tasks
  • Milestones

Section C: Starting a Project from Scratch

  • Creating a New Project
  • Project Properties
  • Show/Hide Project Summary Tasks
  • Setting Project Information
  • Creating a Project Calendar
  • Customized Working Times
  • Scheduling Tasks
  • Insert/Adjust Tasks

Section D: Managing Tasks

  • The Logical Schedule Model: Phase 1
  • Task Durations
  • Linked Tasks
  • Scroll to Task
  • Adding Task Durations
  • Show/Hide Task Fields
  • Modifying a Task Mode
  • Defining the Task Type
  • Linking Tasks
  • Adjusting Task Dependency Type

Section E: Deadlines and Constraints

  • The Logical Schedule Model: Phase 2
  • Deadlines
  • Constraint Types
  • Setting Task Deadlines
  • Adjusting a Task Constraint Type
  • Resolving Constraint Conflicts

Section F: Working with Recurring Tasks

  • The Logical Schedule Model: Phase 3
  • Recurring Tasks, Lead, and Lag
  • Inserting Recurring Tasks

Session 2

Section A: Introduction to Project Resources

  • Resource Types
  • Entering/Editing Resource Information
  • Create/Manage Resources
  • Creating Generic Resources
  • Creating Part-Time Resources
  • Adding Resource Materials
  • Adding a Resource Cost

Section B: Managing Resource Assignments

  • Managing Resources
  • Assigning Resources
  • Edit Assignments
  • Managing Resource Allocation
  • Managing Overallocation
  • Managing across Multiple Projects
  • Assigning Resources to a Task
  • Assigning Material Resources
  • Adding Variable Expenses
  • Viewing Resource Allocation
  • Reallocating Resources
  • Different Views
  • The Resource Graph/Usage

Section C: Assigning Project Costs

  • Model Project Costs
  • Cost Per Use
  • Accrual Method
  • Reviewing Project Cost
  • Prorated vs. Start/End Cost
  • Review Resource Costs

Section D: Tracking and Analyzing a Project

  • Baselines
  • Critical Path
  • Total Slack
  • Creating a Baseline
  • Baseline in the Gantt Chart
  • Displaying Project Critical Tasks
  • Displaying Project Slack
  • Completing Critical Tasks on Time

Section E: Updating Task Progress

  • Update Actual Progress
  • Actual/Remaining Duration
  • Status/Current Date
  • Rescheduled Work
  • Canceling Unneeded Tasks
  • Completing Tasks
  • Splitting Tasks
  • Adding Resources
  • Partial Progress
  • Setting a Status Date
  • Inactive Tasks

Section F: Comparing Progress and Baseline

  • Overview
  • Date, Work, and Cost Variances
  • Task Slippage
  • Actual/Baseline Progress
  • Actual/Baseline Cost
  • Progress Lines
  • Multiple Baselines
  • Task Inspector

Session 3

Section A: Custom Fields, Views, and Tables

  • Creating Custom Interface/Fields
  • Applying and Customizing Views
  • Creating a Custom Field
  • Graphical-Based Custom Field
  • Calendar View
  • Network Diagram View
  • Creating a Custom View
  • Modifying a Custom View
  • Organizing the Global Template
  • Creating/Customizing a Custom Table
  • Formatting Tables and Views
  • Add Custom Table to Global Template

Section B: Manipulating Data

  • Sorting Data
  • Filtering, Highlighting, Grouping Data
  • Sorting Data Example
  • Filtering Data Example
  • Using AutoFilter
  • Creating a Custom Filter
  • Grouping Data Example

Section C: Communicating Project Information

  • Communication Methods
  • Reports
  • Printing Options
  • Sync to SharePoint
  • Project 2010 Timeline Feature
  • Adding Tasks to the Timeline
  • Formatting Timeline for Distribution
  • Creating a Visual Report
  • Default Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Saving/Sharing

Section D: Collaborating Projects and Resources

  • Project Collaboration Options
  • Master/Subproject
  • Resource Pool
  • Project Templates
  • Exporting Data to Excel
  • Linking Multiple Projects
  • Master Project
  • Resource Pool Sharing
  • Creating a Template
  • New Project from Template
  • Exporting a Project to Excel