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Computer Foundations: Windows 8 Course

Computer Foundations: Windows 8 Course

Computer Foundations: Windows 8 Course

3 Sessions -
9 Hours of Interactive Training

This course covers the basic foundations of using a computer, while ensuring that the content is easy to understand and follow. Students will learn how to choose the appropriate programs to complete important and useful tasks. By the end of this course students will feel comfortable using the technology presented and be confident in their skills and knowledge.

  • Learn basic fundamentals of operating a computer
  • Put your skills to the test with hundreds of Pre/Post-Test questions
  • View your online courseware anytime anywhere

About The Author
Michael Solomon, CISSP, PMP®, TICSA, is a speaker, consultant and trainer who specializes in project management and database application-level security topics. Since 1987 Solomon has worked on IT projects or instructed for more than 60 organizations including EarthLink, Nike, Lucent Technologies, BellSouth, UPS, Boart Longyear, and the U.S. Coast Guard. Solomon holds an MS in Computer Science from Emory University (1998), and a BS in Computer Science from Kennesaw State University (1987) where he was also an instructor from 1998 - 2001. He has been a contributor to various certification books.

Session 1

Section A: Course Introduction

  • Reliance on Computers
  • New Uses for Computers
  • Media Control
  • Where Computers are Headed
  • The Internet of Things
  • Computers Simulate Reality
  • Storage Drive & Memory
  • Processor
  • Common Connections
  • Input Devices
  • Comparing Types of Computers
  • Hooking Up a Desktop Computer
  • Hooking Up a Laptop Computer

Section B: Learn Input Methods

  • Input Methods
  • Common Actions
  • Special Keyboard Actions
  • Common Mouse Actions
  • Scroll with a Mouse
  • Common Touch Screen Actions
  • Turn Off a Computer

Section C: New Windows Tour

  • Windows 8.1 Login
  • Windows 8.1 Start Menu
  • Additional Options to Access Start Menu
  • Charms Bar
  • Find Apps and Utilities
  • Search Settings
  • Apps Screen
  • Sort the Apps
  • Windows 8.1 Desktop

Section D: The Personal Experience

  • User Account Types
  • Set Up a New User
  • Create a Microsoft Account
  • New User Log On
  • Personalize the Start Screen
  • Show Apps Screen on Start Up
  • Personalize Tiles
  • Use Zoom with the Start Screen
  • Delete Tiles/Live Tiles
  • Personalize the Lock Screen
  • Lock Screen Apps
  • Change Account Picture

Section E: Learn the Charms Bar

  • Personalize PC Settings
  • SkyDrive
  • Search and Apps Settings
  • Privacy, Network, Time, Ease of Access
  • Control Panel
  • Ease of Access and Magnifier
  • High Contrast
  • Mouse Settings
  • Keyboard Settings
  • Other Visual Options
  • Ease of Access: Audio
  • Voice Recognition
  • Additional Ease of Access Alternatives

Section F: File Organization Basics

  • Windows File Organization
  • C Drive Organization
  • Downloads Folder/Icon Styles
  • Search for a File
  • Navigate through Folders
  • Create a New Folder
  • Create, Rename, and Copy a File
  • Delete and Move a File
  • The Recycle Bin
  • Store a File in SkyDrive
  • Share a File in SkyDrive
  • Copy a File Using SkyDrive

Section G: Windows 7 Differences

  • Windows 7 vs. Windows 8
  • Modern Apps vs. Traditional Apps
  • Windows Store
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Loss of Windows 7 Aero
  • User Interaction Updates
  • Updated Core Programs
  • Revisions from 8.0 to 8.1

Session 2

Section A: Using Windows Apps

  • Modern Apps Overview
  • App Navigation
  • Snap an App
  • Close Modern Apps
  • Common Apps
  • Windows Store
  • Help
  • Customize the Windows Desktop
  • Traditional Apps
  • Create Shortcuts for Apps
  • Traditional Program Windows
  • Organize Traditional Apps

Section B: Browsing the Web

  • Basic Internet Terms
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Wireless Networks
  • HomeGroup
  • Wireless Hotspots
  • Web Browser
  • Internet Explorer Modern Version
  • Google Chrome
  • Search the Web

Section C: Safely Using the Web

  • Windows Defender
  • Secure Online Checklist
  • Secure All Devices
  • Secure Personal Information
  • Protect Your Online Presence
  • Use Care When Connecting
  • Secure Sites
  • Phishing Scams
  • Other Scams
  • Be an Active Online Member

Section D: How to Use Email

  • Email App
  • What is Email?
  • People App
  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Media Files in Windows

Session 3

Section A: Media Files in Windows

  • Media Files
  • Importing Pictures
  • Web Camera
  • Web Camera Options
  • Import Pictures
  • USB Picture Import
  • Edit Pictures
  • Share Pictures

Section B: Video Files

  • Video
  • Netflix
  • Hulu Plus
  • Audio Files
  • Music Apps
  • eBooks
  • Access Settings in Apps
  • Nook App

Section C: How to Troubleshoot

  • Troubleshooting
  • Backing Up
  • Cannot Connect to Internet
  • Other Internet Issues

Section D: Printer Problems

  • Printing Issues
  • Task Manager
  • System Restore
  • Update and Recovery