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A+ (220-902) Domain 1: Windows Operating Systems Course

A+ (220-902) Domain 1: Windows Operating Systems Course

A+ (220-902) Domain 1: Windows Operating Systems Course

3 Sessions -
8 Hours of Interactive Training

This course will cover both features and installation practices for the four Windows operating systems on this edition of A+: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. An emphasis is placed on features one can access through the Control Panel. Then, the focus will turn to installing Windows and the methods used to install Windows (DVD, Pre-Built Images, and network installations, among others). This course will also cover command line tools and graphical user interface (GUI) tools used as utilities in Windows. From there, the attention will shift to Windows networking and Windows maintenance procedures. This course thoroughly covers the objectives in the Windows Operating Systems domain on the A+ 220-902 exam. ____________________________________________________ Included with the purchase of this course is a project workbook. With 215 pages of practice exercises consisting of hands-on labs, conceptual design exercises, and troubleshooting exercises, all with the purpose of sharpening your skills in preparation for the A+ 220-902 exam. The workbook maps directly to the video portion of this course, making it easy for you to get the right kind of training and practice for each exam objective.

  • Gain the skills and confidence required to successfully obtain your A+ certification
  • Interactive labs and dozens of pre/post test questions covering all exam objectives
  • View your online courseware anytime anywhere

About The Author
Jason Manibog, LearnKey’s senior instructor, has spent over 15 years in the Information Technology arena as a trainer, consultant, and courseware writer. Jason is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with multiple certifications in Microsoft, CompTIA, and Adobe. Jason brings a wealth of real-world experience and the ability to explain things in very practical, real-life like terms to any class he teaches, courseware he writes, or e-Learning courses he develops.

Session 1

Section A: Introduction to A+ Part Two

  • How to Take This Course

Section B: Windows Vista and 7 Features

  • 32-Bit vs. 64-Bit
  • Processor Requirements
  • Aero
  • Gadgets Feature
  • User Account Control
  • BitLocker
  • Shadow Copy
  • File History
  • System Restore
  • ReadyBoost
  • Compatibility Mode
  • Easy Transfer
  • Administrative Tools
  • Windows Defender and Firewall
  • Action Center
  • Event Viewer
  • Control Panel Views
  • File Structure and Paths
  • Virtual XP Mode

Section C: Windows 8 Features

  • Side-by-Side Apps
  • Metro UI
  • Pinning
  • OneDrive
  • Windows Store
  • Multi-Monitor Taskbars
  • Charms
  • Start Screen
  • PowerShell
  • Live Sign In and Action Center
  • Upgrade Paths
  • Windows Anytime Upgrades
  • Compatibility Tool

Section D: Operating System Installations

  • Boot Methods
  • Upgrading Windows
  • Clean Windows Installation
  • Finishing an Upgrade
  • Finishing a Clean Installation
  • Installation Types
  • Basic and Dynamic Partitions
  • Primary and Extended Partitions
  • File System Types
  • Third-Party Drivers
  • Workgroup vs. Domain Setup
  • Time, Date, Region, Language Settings
  • Driver Installation
  • Windows Update
  • Factory Recovery Partition
  • Boot Drives and the Correct Partitions

Session 2

Section A: Command Line Tools

  • CLS and CD
  • ECHO
  • PING
  • Wildcards
  • File and Folder Commands
  • COPY Commands
  • Disk Commands
  • Group Policy
  • DIR Command
  • EXIT and HELP Commands
  • EXTRACT Command
  • Administrative Command Prompt

Section B: Microsoft Operating System Tools

  • Administrative Tools
  • Local Users and Groups
  • Local Security Policy
  • Performance Monitor
  • Services
  • System Configuration
  • Task Scheduler
  • Component Services
  • Data Sources
  • Print Management
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic
  • Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
  • Task Manager
  • Disk Management
  • Mount a Drive to a Folder
  • Extend a Partition
  • Split and Shrink a Partition
  • Change a Hard Drive Letter
  • Add Drives
  • Initialize a Drive and Allocation
  • Create a Storage Space
  • Data Migration Tools
  • Windows Easy Transfer

Section C: System Utilities

  • Regedit
  • Command
  • Services
  • MMC
  • Notepad
  • Explorer
  • MSINFO32
  • Defrag
  • System Restore
  • Windows Update

Session 3

Section A: Windows Control Panel Utilities

  • Internet Options
  • Display Settings
  • User Options
  • Folder Options
  • System Options
  • Remote Settings
  • Windows Firewall
  • Power Options
  • Power States
  • Programs and Features
  • HomeGroup
  • Devices and Printers
  • Sound
  • Troubleshooting
  • Network and Sharing Center
  • Device Manger

Section B: Windows Networking

  • HomeGroups, Workgroups, and Domains
  • Network Shares and Mapping Drives
  • Administrative Shares
  • Printer Sharing and Mapping
  • Establish Network Connections
  • Proxy Settings
  • Remote Desktop Connection
  • Remote Assistance
  • Home, Work, and Public Network Settings
  • Firewall Settings
  • Alternate IP Addresses
  • Network Card Properties
  • Power Management

Section C: Windows Maintenance Procedures

  • Best Practices
  • Maintenance Tools