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A+ (220-902) Domain 4: Software Troubleshooting Course

A+ (220-902) Domain 4: Software Troubleshooting Course

A+ (220-902) Domain 4: Software Troubleshooting Course

1 Sessions -
3 Hours of Interactive Training

Troubleshooting is now a big part of both the 220-901 and 220-902 exam. The 220-902 exam focuses heavily on software troubleshooting. This course, then, starts with methods of troubleshooting PC operating systems, from lack of the systems booting up properly to common performance issues. The focus will then shift to software-related security issues such permission issues and malware. Then, the course will cover issues with mobile devices, including operating system, application, and security issues. This course thoroughly covers the objectives in the Software Troubleshooting domain on the A+ 220-902 exam. ____________________________________________________ Included with the purchase of this course is a project workbook. With 215 pages of practice exercises consisting of hands-on labs, conceptual design exercises, and troubleshooting exercises, all with the purpose of sharpening your skills in preparation for the A+ 220-902 exam. The workbook maps directly to the video portion of this course, making it easy for you to get the right kind of training and practice for each exam objective.

  • Gain the skills and confidence required to successfully obtain your A+ certification
  • Interactive labs and dozens of pre/post test questions covering all exam objectives
  • View your online courseware anytime, anywhere

About The Author
Jason Manibog, LearnKey’s senior instructor, has spent over 15 years in the Information Technology arena as a trainer, consultant, and courseware writer. Jason is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with multiple certifications in Microsoft, CompTIA, and Adobe. Jason brings a wealth of real-world experience and the ability to explain things in very practical, real-life like terms to any class he teaches, courseware he writes, or e-Learning courses he develops.

Session 1

Section A: Software Troubleshooting

  • Software

Section B: PC Operating Systems Troubleshooting

  • Boot Failures
  • Service Failures
  • Files and Extensions
  • Multiple Monitor Alignments
  • Spontaneous Shutdowns
  • Missing DLL Message
  • Device Fails to Start
  • Compatibility Error
  • Other Operating System Issues
  • Linux and Mac Issues
  • Slow System Issues
  • Recovery Tools
  • Windows Tools
  • Create a Repair Disc
  • More Windows Repair Tools
  • Logs and Recovery Tools

Section C: PC Security Issues

  • Common Security Symptoms
  • Security and Performance Symptoms
  • Configure Junk Mail Folder
  • Hidden Folders and Changed Permissions
  • Security Tools
  • System Restore
  • Event Viewer and MSCONFIG
  • Refresh the PC
  • Safe Boot Options
  • Malware Removal Best Practices

Section D: Mobile OS and Application Issues

  • Common Mobile Device Symptoms
  • Connectivity Issues
  • Mobile Device Tools
  • Close Running Apps and Force Stop
  • Resetting to Factory Defaults
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Apps
  • Adjust Configurations and Settings

Section E: Mobile Security Issues

  • Application Issues
  • Unauthorized Access Issues
  • Mobile Security Tools