LearnKey Training

Acrobat 11.0

Acrobat 11.0

Acrobat 11.0

3 Sessions -
8 Hours of Interactive Training

In LearnKey's Acrobat training course users will learn the essential knowledge they need to utilize this versatile product in countless ways. Users will learn how to create PDFs from various applications, edit and manipulate pages, create forms, send PDFs to others to review, and much more. At the end of this course learners will be prepared to take the ACE Acrobat XI Pro exam.

  • Learn how to navigate and master new Acrobat 11.9 features
  • View your courseware anytime and anywhere
  • Put your skills to the test with hundreds of Pre/Post test questions

About The Author
Chad is an Adobe Certified Instructor and has a formal education in publishing technology. He has the trial-by-fire production experience that makes him a valuable contributor to every project on which he works. He’s served as the lead consultant for major InDesign migrations for publishing companies throughout the U.S. and is skilled in all aspects of print production, Web production, automation and XML. He is a contributing author of Adobe InDesign CS3 Digital Classroom, Adobe InDesign CS4 Digital Classroom, Adobe Photoshop CS4 Digital Classroom, Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 Digital Classroom and a Technical Editor of Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Dynamic Learning, and Adobe Illustrator CS4 Digital Classroom books.

Session 1

Section A: Introduction

  • What is a PDF?
  • What is Acrobat?

Section B: Acrobat Basics

  • Understand the Workspace
  • Navigation Pane
  • Document Pane
  • Customize the Workspace
  • Customize Tool Sets
  • Comment and Share Panes
  • Navigate a PDF

Section C: Change View, Display, and Magnification

  • Change Document Magnification, Zoom
  • Loop Magnifying Glass
  • Change Display
  • Use Read Mode, Full Screen Mode
  • View PDF File on the Web

Section D: Searching PDF Files

  • Search PDF Files
  • Advanced Search
  • Proximity Search
  • Search PDF Portfolios
  • Create Index
  • Search Index

Section E: Creating PDF Files

  • Distiller and PDF Job Options
  • PDF Settings
  • Create a PDF Using Distiller
  • Watched Folder
  • Create a PDF from a File
  • Create a PDF from the Clipboard
  • Create a PDF from a Screen Capture
  • Create a PDF Using a Scanner
  • Create a PDF Using an Image File
  • ClearScan
  • Create a PDF from a Webpage
  • Page Layout Conversion Settings
  • PDF from the Web Page Process
  • PDF Printer
  • PDF Printer on Windows
  • Create a PDF Using PDFMaker
  • Create PDF Bookmarks
  • Security Options, Save as a PDF

Session 2

Section A: PDF

  • Optimize a PDF
  • Reduce Size of PDF
  • Copy and Paste in Word

Section B: Repurpose Content

  • Repurpose PDF Content
  • Copy and Paste in PowerPoint
  • Copy with Formatting
  • Copy and Paste in Excel
  • Save As Other Format
  • Certified PDF
  • Reader Extended PDF
  • Save as Image
  • Save as Microsoft Word
  • Save as Spreadsheet
  • Save as PowerPoint
  • Page Thumbnails Panel
  • Extract, Rearrange, and Insert
  • Delete Page, Insert, Transitions
  • Edits to a PDF
  • Modify Font
  • Modify an Image
  • Replace, Flip, Z-Order
  • Add New Text
  • Add New Image
  • Split Documents
  • Merge Files
  • Rearrange Pages, Delete

Section C: Add Navigation

  • Add Navigation Elements
  • Add Bookmarks
  • Add Links
  • Add Buttons

Section D: Accessibility

  • Accessibility Introduction
  • Make Accessible Action
  • Accessibility Checker
  • Logical Reading Order
  • Reflow, Manual Accessibility
  • PDF Portfolio
  • Layout, Visual Themes
  • Background Images, Header, Footer
  • Modify Details
  • Add Header and Footer to Document
  • Header and Footer Dialog Box
  • Update and Edit Header, Footer
  • Create and Run Actions
  • Modify an Action
  • The Edit Actions Dialog Box
  • Add a Footer to an Action
  • Acrobat Action Exchange, Run Action

Session 3

Section A: Collaboration

  • Collaboration, Comment, Markup
  • Comment Tools
  • Replace Text
  • Drawing Markups
  • Create Shared Review
  • Comment on Review
  • Receive and Comment on Review
  • Share Review Using Server
  • Share Review Using Adobe Online
  • Receive a Review
  • View Comments, Add a Comment
  • Use the Review Tracker

Section B: Fillable Forms

  • Create an AcroForm
  • Field Types
  • Form Field Properties
  • Copy Form Fields
  • Create Original Form Fields
  • Distribute Forms via Email
  • Collect Form Data
  • Analyze Responses
  • Distribute and Track Responses
  • Use FormsCentral
  • Modify Templates
  • Create Forms from Scratch
  • Password Security
  • Password Security Settings
  • Certificate Security
  • Mark for Redaction
  • Protected View
  • Signing a Document
  • EchoSign
  • PDF Standards

Section C: Print Production

  • Output Preview
  • Annotate Document
  • Ink Manager
  • Flattener Preview
  • Preflight Profiles
  • Preflight Droplet

Section D: Tablet and Touch-Based Delivery

  • Use Acrobat on Touch-Based Devices