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Working as a Team Course

Working as a Team Course

Working as a Team Course

1 Sessions -
1 Hour of Interactive Training

Working as a team builds involvement, improves communication and cooperation, and generates innovative business solutions. This course will teach your employees how to streamline decision making and expand competencies. At the end of this course your employees will know both what to expect from teams and what their teammates will expect from them. Course Time: 00:23:11

  • Discover new ways to use teamwork to create innovative business solutions
  • Learn how to keep your team on track so you can streamline decision making
  • Find out how you can project inspirational but focused leadership

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Session 1

Section A: Team Building

  • Working Together

Section B: The Team Approach

  • When and Why to Build a Team
  • How to Assemble a Successful Team
  • Managing Stages of Team Development
  • Uncertainty
  • Role Definition
  • Working Team
  • Understanding High Performance Teams