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Managing Disagreement Course

Managing Disagreement Course

Managing Disagreement Course

1 Sessions -
1 Hour of Interactive Training

Most of us go out of our way to avoid disagreements, let alone try to manage them. Yet, effectively managing disagreement can be one of the most important supervisory and managerial skills. In the Managing Disagreement training program from LearnKey, users can take a sophisticated assessment of their own conflict management style, learn the nine ways to approach and deal with disagreement and see examples of each of these styles illustrated in dramatic vignettes.

  • Make conflict a positive process of reconciliation.
  • Take control of difficult situations.
  • Use conflict management to address uncomfortable situations.

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Session 1

Section A: Understanding Conflict Mgmt.

  • Self-Assessment
  • Objectives
  • Conflicts and Disagreements
  • MODI
  • Assessment

Section B: The Nine Styles

  • Introduction
  • Firm Styles
  • Listen Up!
  • Neutral Styles
  • Listen Up!
  • Flexible Styles
  • Assessment

Section C: Steps for Managing Disagreement

  • Explore
  • Say What?
  • Plan and Prepare
  • Say What?
  • Implement
  • Summary
  • Assessment