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Illustrator CC

Illustrator CC

Illustrator CC

3 Sessions -
7 Hours of Interactive Training

LearnKey's Illustrator CC course provides a visual and intuitive interface for users to learn about the graphic editing capabilities of Illustrator CC. Join LearnKey expert Lee Wiley as he teaches you to effectively use the new Illustrator CC software. Learn about the new features in Illustrator CC such as: Live Shapes, Windows GPU acceleration, Typekit missing fonts workflow, and much more! As of November 1, 2016 this course is up to date with the Illustrator CC 2015 Exam. This course includes our Illustrator CC 2015 Test Prep course to help you prepare for the exam.

  • Learn how to navigate and master new Adobe CC features
  • View your online courseware anytime and anywhere
  • Put your skills to the test with hundreds of Pre/Post test questions, labs, and MasterExams

About The Author
Lee Wiley is a professional illustrator, animator, and all-around creative. He earned an associate of arts degree from Dixie State College and a bachelor’s degree in illustration from Southern Utah University. He served for a time as design team lead at LearnKey. He has since developed art and videos for a broad spectrum of clients while working for Clearly Trained and Ydraw. Lee is an ambitious comic illustrator. His comics have been published in anthologies, and he is the illustrator for the graphic novel series Expiration Date, written by Robert Zappia. Lee and his wife and children enjoy being outdoors, going to theme parks, and playing games together.

Session 1

Section A: Design Principles

  • Lines, Shapes, Form, Texture, Color
  • Emphasis, Contrast, and Balance
  • Perspective
  • Visual Hierarchy

Section B: Digital Art Terminology

  • Color Modes
  • Gamut, Color Depth, Blending Modes
  • Resolution, Path, Stroke, Fill, Gradient
  • Raster File Formats
  • Vector File Formats, Video File Formats
  • Representative Graphics
  • Typography, Kerning, Tracking, Leading
  • Brainstorm and Critique
  • Project Management
  • Copyright Considerations

Section C: Document and Interface

  • New Document
  • Tools, Menus, Panels, Workspace Switcher
  • Layers, Swatches, Preferences
  • Interface Brightness, New Artboard

Section D: Tools, Swatches, and Color Panels

  • Tools Panel
  • Draw Normal, Draw Behind, Draw Inside
  • Rulers, Guides
  • Grid, Perspective Grid
  • Document Bleed
  • Colors
  • Swatches and Colors
  • Pattern Swatches
  • Gradient Swatches
  • Gradient Tool
  • Swatch Libraries

Session 2

Section A: Vector Drawing Tools

  • Pen Tool, Anchor Point Tool
  • Smooth Tool
  • Brush Tool
  • Anchor Point Tools, Pencil, Blob Brush
  • Expand Appearance
  • Create New Brush
  • Brush Library, Delete Brush

Section B: Symbols

  • Create Symbols
  • 9-Slice Scaling
  • Symbols Panel, Delete Symbol
  • Duplicate and Modify Symbol
  • Symbols Library
  • Graphic Styles
  • Merge and Modify Graphic Styles
  • Graphic Style Library
  • Swatches Library
  • Create Pattern, Modify Pattern

Section C: Layers and Masks

  • Layers Panel, Group Layers
  • Reorder Layers, Lock Layers, Arrange
  • Create New Sublayer, Layer, Merge Layers
  • Copy Layer, Nest Layer
  • Blending Mode
  • Create Clipping Mask
  • Draw Inside
  • Make Release Clipping Mask
  • Edit Opacity Mask
  • Isolation Mode
  • Kuler Panel
  • Upload to Kuler Panel, Save Kuler Theme
  • Appearance Panel

Section D: Import and Export

  • Import Files
  • Embed File
  • Export, Save Files
  • Prepare Documents to Export
  • Print
  • Document Bleeds, Crop Marks
  • Save for Web
  • Slice Tool
  • Image Map
  • CSS Panel
  • Export Document for Video
  • Title Safe, Document Size
  • Document for another Adobe Appllication

Session 3

Section A: Shapes and Symbols

  • Shapes Tool
  • Expand Object
  • Pathfinder Panel
  • Shape Builder
  • Modify Shape
  • Expand Text
  • Create Symbol
  • Symbol Sprayer

Section B: Charts and Graphs

  • Create Charts and Graphs
  • Modify Charts and Graphs
  • Round Trip Edit
  • Embed Artwork
  • Create Object Mosaic
  • Image Trace
  • Modify Image Trace
  • Live Paint

Section C: Text

  • Type Tool, Area, Vertical Type Tool
  • Type on Path, Vertical Type on Path Tool
  • Character Panel
  • Paragraph Panel
  • Convert Text to Outlines

Section D: 3D Tools

  • Extrude and Bevel
  • Revolve, Map Art
  • Gradients
  • Mesh Tool
  • Transform Tools
  • Distort Tools
  • Modify Distort Tools, Blend Tool
  • Effects
  • Effect Gallery