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Illustrator CS6

Illustrator CS6

Illustrator CS6

3 Sessions -
8 Hours of Interactive Training

Adobe® Illustrator CS6 gives you new features like the touch type tool, font search, and CSS extraction. LearnKey's Illustrator course will teach you everything you need to know to create vector assets which can be used in any design project ranging from logos to graphics used in advertising. You will learn to intuitively combine, edit, and fill shapes directly on their artboard without accessing multiple tools and panels. At the completion of this course you will be prepared for the Graphic Design and Illustration with Adobe Illustrator CS6 exam.

  • Ability to use multi-tools along with a stylus or mouse
  • The font search tool provides a filtered search to find the font that matches your exact criteria
  • Quickly create websites with the Illustrator CSS generator

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Session 1

Section A: The Interface

  • Understand the Interface
  • Panel Dock
  • Customize the Workspace

Section B: New Document

  • Create a New Document
  • Artboard Options
  • Reorder Artboards
  • Rearrange Artboards, Display Rulers

Section C: Artwork

  • Navigate and View Artwork
  • Navigation Panel
  • Use of Multiple Windows and Views
  • View Artwork as Outlines
  • Pixel Preview

Section D: Drawing Objects

  • Drawing Basic Objects
  • Use of Rulers
  • Create Basic Shapes
  • Line Tools
  • Arc and Spiral Tools
  • Info Panel Features

Section E: Pencil, Pen Tool

  • Drawing Freeform Shapes, Pencil Tool
  • Smooth Tool, Path Eraser Tool
  • Pen Tool
  • Add or Delete an Anchor Point
  • Splitting Paths
  • Layers
  • Merge Layers. Nest Layers
  • Isolation Mode
  • Clipping Mask

Section F: Perspective

  • Perspective Drawing
  • Draw New Objects in Perspective
  • Adding Symbols and Text

Section G: Image Trace

  • Work with Image Trace Presets
  • Image Trace Panel Options
  • Modify Image Trace Settings

Section H: Symbols

  • Work with Symbols
  • Work with Symbol Instances
  • Use 9-Slice Scaling
  • Add a Sublayer to Symbols
  • Symbol Libraries and Tools
  • More Symbolism Tools
  • Symbolism Tool Options

Session 2

Section A: Color

  • Work with Color, Use Color Picker
  • Create and Edit Swatches
  • Swatch Libraries
  • Import Swatches from another Document
  • Apply a Gradient, Gradient Swatch
  • Gradient Stroke Options

Section B: Color Groups

  • Color Guide Panel
  • Edit Colors, Reorder Artwork Procedures
  • Kuler Panel, Viewing and Using Themes
  • Adjust Color, Print or Web Color
  • Change Document Color Mode
  • Edit Document Colors
  • Blend Colors
  • Display and Output Spot Colors with Labs
  • Colorize Grayscale or 1-Bit Images
  • PSD and TIFF Files

Section C: Paint

  • Paint with Fill and Stroke
  • Convert Strokes to Compound Paths
  • Blob Brush Tool
  • Draw Behind, Draw Inside
  • Apply Strokes and Fills to an Object
  • Live Paint Groups
  • Live Paint Selection Tool
  • Expand or Release Live Paint Groups

Section D: Brushes

  • Brushes and Brush Panel
  • Modify Brushes
  • Create Brushes, Remove Brush Strokes

Section E: Transparency

  • Transparency and Blend Modes
  • Transparency in Artwork
  • Change Blending Modes
  • Knockout Groups, Opacity Mask
  • Meshes, Setting Transparency

Section F: Patterns

  • Create and Use Patterns
  • Change Tile Edge Color
  • Pathfinder Tools
  • Shape Builder Tool
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Edit Graphs

Session 3

Section A: How to Use Type Tools

  • Type Tools, Character Panel
  • Area Type Tool
  • Thread Text to Flow, Control Type Layout
  • Paragraph
  • Convert Text to Outlines
  • Area Type, Type on a Path Tool
  • Vertical Type, Area Path Tool
  • Linked and Embedded Images
  • Round-Trip Editing, Linked Images
  • 3D Revolve, Map Art, Color
  • 3D Extrude and Bevel

Section B: Free Transform Tools

  • Rotate, Scale, Shear Tool
  • Reflect, Reshape Tool
  • Distortion Tools
  • Blend Tool
  • Modify Shape with Blend Tool

Section C: Special Effects

  • Raster Effects
  • Apply Raster-Based Effects
  • Drop Shadow, Appearance Panel
  • Graphic Styles

Section D: Optimize Graphics

  • Rulers, Artboard, Bleed, Spot Color
  • Attributes Panel, Print, Web Output
  • Slice Tool, Save for Web
  • Save for Video

Section E: Common Workflow and Design Practices

  • Project Requirements
  • Copyright
  • Project Plan
  • Design Principles
  • File Basics
  • Typography