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FMLA - Proper Compliance Course

FMLA - Proper Compliance Course

FMLA - Proper Compliance Course

1 Sessions -
2 Hours of Interactive Training

This course gives you straight talk and real answers on a complex and often confusing topic. Eligibility requirements; documentation procedures; the relationship between the FMLA, the ADA, Workers' Comp, ERISA, USERRA, and PDA – this humorous, interesting and entertaining video covers it all, and brings these often “gray areas” areas into sharper focus. You will get an in-depth look at employee's rights and obligations, learn how to protect your organization and prevent legal repercussions and ensure that all your decisions regarding the FMLA adhere to the absolute letter of the law.

  • Learn employee’s rights concerning medical records, diagnoses, treatments, and health history
  • Discover how to properly document FMLA procedures to keep your organization out of court
  • Understand special issues with the FMLA: calculating the 12-month leave period; exemption for key employees

About The Author
This training series was produced by LearnKey and content partner National Seminars Group. National Seminars is one of the nation's leading providers of continuing education. Each year, they provide more than 7,000 seminars and conferences in the United States and Canada. In their 20-year history, more than 10 million professionals have participated in these programs.

Session 1

Section A: Understanding FMLA

  • What is FMLA?
  • Benefits of FMLA
  • Document, Document, Document
  • Conditions
  • Eligibility
  • Summary of Eligibility

Section B: FMLA and the Employer

  • Policies
  • Military Families
  • Communication and the FMLA

Section C: FMLA and the Employee

  • Employee's Responsibility
  • Medical Certification Pizza
  • The Slices of Certification Pizza
  • HIPAA and the Final Three Slices

Section D: FMLA in Action

  • Employee Leave
  • Equivalent Position
  • Push-Ups for the Brain
  • Exemptions to FMLA
  • Unlawful Discharge
  • Burden of Proof
  • Key Points
  • Conclusion