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Effective Performance Appraisals Course

Effective Performance Appraisals Course

Effective Performance Appraisals Course

1 Sessions -
1 Hour of Interactive Training

Most professional and administrative employees today do not understand how their work is evaluated. But performance appraisals are too important to leave until the last minute. The techniques outlined in this course will help you fashion a well-planned and thoughtful process for creating and conducting performance appraisals.

  • Establish a work climate conducive to productive appraisals.
  • Maximize employee input and participation during an appraisal.
  • Communicate clearly about expectations versus performance.

About The Author
Robert B. Maddux is president of Maddux Associates, Consultants in Human Resources Management. He has consulted with large corporations and small businesses over the past twenty years. He has worked with many organizations and people in transition, and has been instrumental in facilitating the beginning of numerous new careers in business and entrepreneurial ventures.

Session 1

Section A: Effective Performance Appraisals

  • Introduction
  • Managing Performance
  • Making a Difference

Section B: Preparation

  • Plan
  • Goals and Standards
  • Expectations

Section C: Conducting the Appraisal

  • Appraisal Discussion
  • Talking vs. Listening
  • Asking Questions
  • Giving Criticism
  • Future Development

Section D: Following Up

  • Management
  • Written Records
  • New Expectations
  • Empowerment

Section E: Conclusion

  • Key Points