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Coaching Employees to Deliver Their Best Course

Coaching Employees to Deliver Their Best Course

Coaching Employees to Deliver Their Best Course

1 Sessions -
2 Hours of Interactive Training

Coaching Employees to Deliver their Best teaches managers how to coach employees to become motivated, self-starting problem solvers to reach their optimum performance. This means more success for your team, your company, and you. You will learn the different roles that a good coach must take on in order to create a high-performance team. You'll learn critical coaching skills, when it's OK to get personal with your employees, how to give constructive feedback, and how to help employees solve their own conflicts.

  • Discover the secret to motivating your employees
  • Learn when to coach and when to counsel
  • Learn when it’s OK to get personal with your employees

About The Author
This training series was produced by LearnKey and content partner National Seminars Group. National Seminars is one of the nation's leading providers of continuing education. Each year, they provide more than 7,000 seminars and conferences in the United States and Canada. In their 20-year history, more than 10 million professionals have participated in these programs.

Session 1

Section A: Being a Good Coach

  • The Ultimate Coaching
  • Round 1
  • Round 2
  • Hats of a Coach

Section B: Counselor

  • The Counseling Equation
  • Involve Employees in Decisions

Section C: Professional Skill Groomer

  • Sink or Swim
  • Right Way

Section D: Mentor

  • The Importance of Mentoring
  • Sharing Experience

Section E: Qualities of a Good Coach

  • What Makes a Good Coach?
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Conflict Resolution

Section F: Motivation

  • How to Motivate
  • Conclusion