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I Was Cyberbullied

I Was Cyberbullied

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I Was Cyberbullied

1 Sessions -
1 Hour of Interactive Training

Program presents three real-life stories from kids who were targets of cyberbullying attacks and offers viewers practical suggestions for how to avoid being victimized by this new, rapidly-spreading type of bullying. Each story highlights important tips such as: only post the type of information online that you would be comfortable with others seeing; remember that once an email or photo is posted online, you can't take it back; avoid responding to vicious texts or emails that might escalate a situation further; and know when to turn to a trusted adult for help. Renowned “bully coach” Joel Haber leads a discussion on how serious and damaging cyberbullying can be, and touches upon recent cases of children committing suicide after being cyberbullied. This timely program will strike a chord with all viewers—those who may have been victimized as well as those who may have thought that cyberbullying was “no big deal.”

  • Features real-life experiences from kids who have dealt with cyberbullying
  • Test prep questions from online training
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Session 1

Section A: I Was Cyberbullied

  • Introduction
  • Lauren's Story
  • Dealing with Cyberbullying
  • Blaze's Story
  • The Three Steps
  • Esteban's Story
  • Review and Conclusion
  • Credits