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How to De-junk Your Life Course

How to De-junk Your Life Course

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How to De-junk Your Life Course

1 Sessions -
3 Hours of Interactive Training

Do you feel as if your life is spinning out of control because you're so disorganized? Then this revolutionary training was designed for you! Thanks to the powerful strategies and tons of tips that are offered, you can finally regain control of your space, your time, your paperwork and your priorities - once and for all! You'll learn easy-to-apply techniques for eliminating the "junk" that clutters every area of your life, from the junk on your desk to the junk in your house to the junk on your calendar.

  • Learn fun, effective, easy ways to "de-junk" your space.
  • Be more productive and efficient as you become organized.
  • Gain new skills in a useful, real world manner.

About The Author
Dawn Dwyer knows the importance of powerful communication in the business world. Her experience includes project and team leader, area coordinator, and management consultant. Fortune 500 corporations rely on Dawn’s upbeat, interactive seminars to get the success skills in demand today. Among her many clients are Sony Corporation, US Marine Corps, and Ernst & Young.

Session 1

Section A: De-junking Your Life

  • Introduction
  • Meet Dawn Dwyer
  • De-junking Your Space
  • ABC Method
  • De-junking Your Office
  • De-junking Personal Space
  • De-junking Your Room
  • JAKE's Top 10

Section B: Paper and Information

  • De-junking Paper
  • RAFT
  • Clutter
  • Information at Home
  • Personal Papers
  • JAKE's Top 10

Section C: Priorities

  • Time and Priorities
  • Planning Tools
  • Tickler File
  • Planning Appointments
  • Five-Year Vision
  • Urgent vs. Important
  • JAKE's Top 10