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Giving and Receiving Criticism Course

Giving and Receiving Criticism Course

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Giving and Receiving Criticism Course

1 Sessions -
1 Hour of Interactive Training

Effective criticism made easy. Criticism is an essential component of growth and improvement. Learn to give and take criticism in ways that benefit the individuals involved, as well as your organization. This course will take you through a 3 step formula for successful criticism. Use these lessons to establish a spirit of cooperation and growth, and create a more effective organization. Course Time: 00:19:40

  • Learn how to give and take input professionally
  • Build smoother relationships with coworkers
  • Create a more effective organization through cooperation and growth

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Session 1

Section A: Effective Criticism

  • Introduction
  • The Art of Giving Criticism
  • The Art of Taking Criticism
  • Artful Criticism