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Call Center Success Course

Call Center Success Course

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Call Center Success Course

1 Sessions -
2 Hours of Interactive Training

Who speaks for your organization? The CEO? COO? Or is it a Customer Service Representative (CSR) answering the telephone? The Call Center Success program from LearnKey will help new reps increase their success, while sharpening the skills of your call center veterans. Customer Service Representatives will learn the six factors of professionalism, how customers behave, what customers expect and techniques for more effective communication with customers - all while maintaining a positive attitude.

  • Improve customer service skills within your organization.
  • Enjoy a better reputation from having courteous employees.
  • Contribute to a more positive atmosphere in your organization.

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Session 1

Section A: The CSR: A Powerful Choice

  • Self-Assessment
  • You are the Organization
  • The CSR's Job
  • The Quality Call

Section B: Gaining the Professional Edge

  • Manage Conversations
  • Maintain Knowledge
  • Be a Team Player
  • Remain Customer-Focused
  • Advocacy or Error?
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Make a Commitment
  • Assessment

Section C: The All-Important Customer

  • Understanding the Customer
  • Analytical or Assertive?
  • What Do Customers Need?
  • Assessment

Section D: Building Your Skills

  • Listening Effectively
  • Common Courtesy
  • Wrong Impressions
  • Using Common Language
  • Gathering Customer Info.
  • Open or Closed?
  • Angry Customers
  • You Take the Call

Section E: Building Your Skills (cont.)

  • Managing the Technology
  • Writing Effective E-mail
  • E-mail Aptitude
  • Preparing a Mental Script
  • Closing the Conversation
  • Assessment

Section F: Attitude: An Important Asset

  • The Impact of Your Attitude
  • Plan for Self-Improvement
  • Conclusion