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Men & Women Working Together

Men & Women Working Together

Men & Women Working Together

1 Session –
1-2 Hours of Interactive Training
The ability of men and women to work together successfully is crucial in any workplace. This course examines how to develop the awareness and skills necessary to resolve conflicts and to meet other challenges that arise, and it provides a set of productive communication tools for everyday use.

  • Discover clear methods to address differences and resolve conflict between genders.
  • Understand how to define and communicate your thoughts for better results.
  • LearnKey courses let you review key issues and ideas for effective implementation.
  • About The Author
    This is a LearnKey course based on the book Men and Women Partners at Work by Dr. George Simons & G. Deborah Weissman.
    Dr. George Simons works in the area of managing cultural and gender diversity as an integral part of that mission to provide the leadership and organizational competencies which today's company needs in order to be successful tomorrow. He has trained people to communicate on the job and negotiate in the marketplace in over 25 countries.
    G. Deborah Weissman brings to her consulting and speaking a rich 15 year industry experience in male and female dominated industries such as health care, finance, food and beverage and theater. She has a broad management experience which includes general management, marketing, training, budget analysis, purchasing, contract and negotiations in both labor and service.

    Session 1

    Section A: Men and Women at Work
    · Introduction
    · The New Workplace
    · Key Fact

    Section B: Culture
    · Two Cultures
    · Sexual Harassment
    · Key Fact

    Section C: Communication
    · Personalities
    · Cultural Biases
    · Progressive Organizations
    · Key Fact

    Section D: Collaboration
    · Helping Each Other
    · Conclusion