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Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service

Telephone Courtesy Customer Service

Telephone Courtesy and Customer Service

1 Session –
1-2 Hours of Interactive Training

Don't let poor phone skills hurt your organizationís reputation. This LearnKey course, based on the book Telephone Courtesy & Customer Service by Lloyd Finch, is guaranteed to earn your organization outstanding marks in customer service. Learn the importance of effective telephone techniques and how to correctly identify customer wants and needs with positive, motivating instruction. This course includes practical case studies, skills inventories and personal action plans; plus, exercises for managing difficult customers! This course is ideal for receptionists, customer service representatives and collectors.

  • Get in touch with customers wants and needs with attentive customer services skills.
  • Ensure that your telesales department understands the power of positive telephone techniques.
  • Improve your business reputation with a highly skilled staff.

  • About The Author
    This is a LearnKey course based on the book Telephone Courtesy & Customer Service by Lloyd Finch. Lloyd Finch is President of Alpha Consulting Group, a company devoted to customer service improvement training and the development of customer service training products. Lloyd is an experienced speaker on customer service issues. Prior to forming Alpha consulting he had extensive sales, customer service, and sales management experience in an 18-year career with Pacific Bell and AT&T.

    Session 1

    Section A: Telephone Courtesy
    · Introduction
    · Course Overview
    · Show You Care

    Section B: The Basics
    · Doís and Doníts
    · Answering Courtesy
    · Your Voice

    Section C: Give and Take
    · Telephone Interaction
    · Managing Objections
    · Negotiating
    · Action Plans

    Section D: Managing the Call
    · Caller Behaviors
    · Voice Mail
    · Doís and Doníts
    · Conclusion