LearnKey Training

Outlook 2000

Outlook 2000

Outlook 2000

3 Sessions –
9 Hours of Interactive Training
Join expert Mike Meyers as he demonstrates the effective use of Outlook 2000. In this LearnKey course, you’ll learn to maximize your productivity with Outlook’s feature-rich environment by improving your skills in organization, time management, scheduling and communication. At the conclusion of this course, you’ll feel comfortable using all the powerful features of Outlook 2000.

  • Gain skills and insight into better communications.
  • Learn how to get organized and save valuable time.
  • Enhance personal productivity and technical credibility.

  • About The Author
    Mike Meyers is a dynamic lecturer and leading authority on IT certifications. His A+ Certification Guide (McGraw-Hill) is the world's #1 selling A+ certification text. Meyers, known as the Alphageek to friends and fans, exudes an incredible enthusiasm for high tech. His flair for conceptualizing technical information and providing explanations that make sense is unmatched in the industry. Meyers is president of Total Seminars in Houston.
    Session 1

    Section A: Introduction
    · Interface
    · Outlook Defined
    · Email Interface
    · Personal Information

    Section B: Email Basics
    · Make a New Email
    · Sending Options

    Section C: Customizing Email
    · Stationary
    · Email in Word
    · Create New Stationary

    Section D: Receiving Email
    · Preview & Icons
    · Attachments
    · Reply
    · Forwarding
    · Sorting the Inbox
    · Finding
    · Printing
    · Recalling

    Section E: Organizing Outlook
    · Components
    · Folders

    Section F: Advanced Email
    · Folders
    · Colors
    · Views
    · Junk Email
    · Controlling Email

    Session 2

    Section A: Contact Basics
    · Add New Contact
    · Phone Number in Outlook
    · Categories
    · All Fields
    · Your Own Field
    · Contact Follow Up
    · Delete Contact
    · Send Email to Contact
    · Adding Contact through Email

    Section B: More Contacts
    · V Card Option
    · Add V Card to Contacts
    · Distribution List
    · Organization Function
    · Using News
    · Create New Group
    · Create Personal Address Book

    Section C: Calendars
    · Calendar Functions
    · Options
    · Appoint Management Event
    · Events

    Section D: Share Calendars
    · Printing
    · Putting it on the Web
    · Sharing Your Calendar
    · Sharing Any Folder
    · Editing a Share
    · NetMeeting
    · NetShow

    Section E: Tasks
    · Setting Up a Task
    · Assigning a Task
    · Accepting a Task
    · Updating a Task
    · Organizing

    Session 3

    Section A: Journal
    · Journal Options
    · Journal View
    · Making & Reviewing Entries

    Section B: Notes
    · Creating a Note
    · Configuring Notes
    · Forwarding Notes

    Section C: Outlook Today
    · Customizing Outlook
    · Customizing Toolbars
    · Adaptive Menus
    · Help

    Section D: Working with Office
    · Emailing a Word Document
    · Emailing an Excel Document
    · Working within Outlook
    · Import & Export
    · Cut & Paste

    Section E: Mail Merge
    · Contact Dialog Box
    · Inserting Fields & Performing a Merge

    Section F: Newsgroups
    · Internet connection Wizard
    · Subscribing to a Newsgroup
    · Reading Messages

    Section G: Forms
    · Designing a Form

    Section H: Out of Office
    · Setting Up Remote Access
    · Synchronization
    · Offline Folders
    · Performing Synchronization
    · Out of Office Assistant
    · Delegate Access
    · Tracking Options

    Section I: Archive
    · Auto Archive
    · Archiving Right Now

    Section J: Fax Services
    · Compose New Fax
    · Fax Properties
    · Cover Page
    · Receiving Faxes
    · Favorites