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Giving & Receiving Feedback

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Giving & Receiving Feedback

1 Session –
1-2 Hours of Interactive Training
Feedback is essential to personal and professional communication. But, there are both opportunities and perils in the feedback process. The art of Giving and Receiving Feedback training program from LearnKey helps you offer constructive, rather than critical, suggestions for improving performance. Learn to receive feedback with a receptive, not defensive, attitude with real-world case studies and behavioral examples.

  • Learn effective ways to use these skills through this entertaining and informative program.
  • Be positive and direct when communicating concerns.
  • See results as you incorporate the methods learned in this course.

  • About The Author
    This training program was produced by LearnKey content partner 1 Minute Learning. 1 Minute Learning maintains relationships with an impressive list of publishers with content covering a wide variety of subject matter areas. 1 Minute Learning also has relationships with a host of subject matter experts who are distinguished authors, trainers, consultants and educators.
    Session 1

    Section A: Critical Feedback
    · Self-Assessment
    · Objectives
    · Introduction
    · Early Influences
    · Assessment

    Section B: Responding to Critical Feedback
    · 3 Types of Feedback
    · Feedback Attack
    · Responding to Feedback
    · Feedback Attack
    · Assessment

    Section C: Giving Constructive Feedback
    · Steps to Giving Feedback
    · Listen Up
    · Workplace Feedback
    · Giving Positive Feedback
    · Feedback Attack
    · Summary
    · Conclusion