Paving the Path for Job Security with Industry Certifications

St. George, Utah, December 15, 2009 – Job security and/or unemployment is on the tip of everyone’s mind. Economists are optimistic about 2010 growth. According to Polachi, Inc., information technology sector will show significant growth. The U.S. Bureau of Labor states, IT – related occupations, technical and professional certifications are growing more popular and increasingly important. Over 90 percent of IT workers are employed outside the IT industry sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, or financial services. LearnKey is excited to provide a series of training videos for CompTIA’s A+ industry certification, created for those entering the IT industry. It’s recognized that anyone in the IT industry needs the base foundation provided in CompTIA’s A+ certification hardware/software training.

CompTIA has rapidly set the standard for computer technicians. CompTIA’s certifications (including their flagship product, A+) were recognized by the American National Standards Institute. A+ is meant to ascertain an individual’s overall ability to handle computers. It is specifically meant to be vendor nonspecific, so an A+ certified technician can be counted on to be able to handle any computer whether it be an Apple, a PC, or Linux, and should be competent in dealing with the various hardware configurations for each. In short, it is the benchmark for proving technical competency, and it is a must have for anyone seeking a career in computer repair, maintenance, or administration.

Together with A+ expert, Mike Meyers; LearnKey is excited to provide a series of training videos designed to pass the 2009 exams. It goes further however, providing information in a manner that is designed to increase long term retention by using a teaching method known as “Edutainment” (Educational materials repackaged to be Entertaining). This course brings some of the best use of video and multimedia together to create a highly effective learning series. “The new A+ course is a shift in how we have used multimedia learning in the past to intrigue both young and older minds into experiencing IT; allowing IT to move from just a tool to an integrated business methodology. In today’s technical world we need to think about using computer power just as we have used electricity, creating a platform that creates jobs and opportunities that we have never imagined,” says Jamie Franzman, COO, LearnKey, Inc.

View your free demo or more information about this course visit This course has nearly 30 hours of interactive training and includes pre-assessment, post assessment, and lab environments. This course is available online, and CD-Rom at an introductory price of $415 (limited time offer), a value of $595, single user price.

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