New LearnKey Math Courses Help Teachers and Students Conquer Algebra


-Designed to assist teachers inside and outside the classroom, the new courses are more appealing to student senses-


St. George, Utah—March 13, 2007— Traditionally the only technology involved in teaching math was a calculator, a tool most teachers would rather their students avoid. These days, both teachers and students are welcoming technology in the classroom, this time in the form of two new LearnKey series on math skills. 


Pre-Algebra and Algebra by LearnKey are on-demand math courses designed to be supplemental aids for K-12 teachers or anyone else interested in advancing their knowledge of mathematics. Pre-Algebra by LearnKey covers basic positive and negative numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages and more. Algebra by LearnKey covers dealing with real numbers, exponents, polynomials, equations and more.


“Math is naturally difficult for many students, and the way it’s traditionally taught doesn’t do much to counter that,” said John Clemons, CEO of LearnKey. “While textbooks and chalkboards are essential, we’ve designed these courses to bring math alive for the students in a manner that is much more appealing to their senses. Additionally, they’ll be able to access these lessons from home, word for word, to help with homework.”


In fact, the most recent Net Day survey of over 200,000 students showed that, of all subjects possible, they would like math much better if they could utilize more technology in learning it. This was true of kids from kindergarten up to seniors in high school.  Kids of all ages are now using their laptops for schoolwork and play, so it’s only natural that they be able to access their lessons there as well.


The courses benefit teachers by providing an always-accessible supplement to their instruction, and they can track student access and progress through LearnKey’s OnlineExpert portal. Teachers also have the option of requiring the students to watch segments from home, retaining in-classroom time for lessons they deem more vital.


Both series meet National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards and are available at or one of our international resellers. All LearnKey courses are available online or on CD-ROM.


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