Case Study: LearnKey Streamlines On-Demand, E-Learning Training Programs


--LearnKey’s interactive Web and CD based training and personal development courses provide valuable link between training and HR--


Confucius is credited with saying, "I hear and I know; I see and I remember; I do and I understand." That statement summarizes the age-old challenge facing HR professionals who are tasked with employee training for job skills and personal development: How does one best assimilate and bring up to speed new employees and also provide a path for those who wish to take their performance and abilities to the next level?


LearnKey helps bridge the gap with e-learning resources for:

·         Personal/General training skills

·         Management training skills

·         Leadership training skills


Industry wide, the largest area of training budgets continues to be leadership and management training followed by personal and industry-specific training, then mandatory compliance programs (such as sexual harassment prevention training) and IT training.


Recently, a privately held manufacturing and distribution company took up the task of building a cohesive training program. The HR team faced some hefty challenges to help people better know, remember and understand the important job and personal development skills associated with the business. The following illustrates how LearnKey helped them meet these challenges with interactive e-learning courses.


Challenge: Developing a Consistent On-Demand Worldwide Training Program

This particular company is an international leading provider of manufacturing and related services with several hundred employees, sales associates and customer educators in Washington, Tennessee and the United Kingdom.


With facilities on different ends of the Earth, the HR manager responsible for training decided it would be best to develop an online e-learning system so everyone who needs access can have access to training courses and other resources. Faced with the idea that a one-hour custom training program would take about 200 hours to design and develop (the company sought other options, since the company had neither the time nor the budget for such an approach.)


Solution: LearnKey Provides a Broad Line of e-Learning Products

After assessing employee needs, the HR Team researched the appropriate training resources to fulfill the company’s requirements of an engaging, interactive and effective training program. The program needed to include training courses that covered topics from sexual harassment prevention training for managers to basic computer training for entry-level employees. They concluded that LearnKey’s state-of-the-art training programs and courses were the best fit to meet the company’s current and future e-learning needs.


LearnKey, which works closely with training experts to create an interactive learning experience, provided several different training courses to meet their varied needs. LearnKey’s multimedia format combined with the engaging human element that each expert instructor brings to a course creates a winning formula that is inline with requirements for interactive and effective training.


It was critical that the implementation of the training program not only help assimilate new employees to the company, but it also needed to bring employees to a higher level of comprehension and capability with the latest technology and company standards.


To manage the e-learning content, the training manager developed a simple, easy to follow Training Matrix, which is tied to the various LearnKey courses. They had always done training on certain levels, but they didn’t have a truly robust method to track and validate the specific training they were offering for each department and various positions of the company.


“Teach a Man to Fish…”

Each manager at the company completed a needs-assessment to identify core courses for their individual departments. The courses were then fed into the Training Matrix to address the training needs of the entire company.


While all employees are given basic core training when they first arrive, managers may tailor training programs for new employees, as appropriate, by selecting specific classes from the LearnKey catalog to fully benefit members of their department. Additionally, managers can also suggest additional training outside the core programs that they feel may help employees achieve greater success in their fields.


Beyond managers identifying employee needs, the employees themselves can utilize the training modules to further their personal and professional development. Whether it be moving up in the department they currently work in, or transitioning to a different section of the company entirely, the LearnKey programs are available to self-motivated employees for their personal advancement. Employees can identify what skills they wish to further expand upon and select from the catalog of classes available to the company. This improvement in employee performance adds to the overall value of the company itself.


Head of the Class 

The HR team was able to make all the training courses available through multiple venues. Employees now have the option of completing training courses by logging on to the company’s Website, essentially making interactive, dynamic training available to any employee, anywhere, anytime.


LearnKey is an integral part of helping HR executives more easily manage training programs because of the straightforward programming which can elevate employees across an organization to the next level of operation.


HR professionals and managers leverage LearnKey’s flexibility to customize programs that meet employee and company standards. Employees can then gain greater understanding of the learning material from LearnKey’s broad collection of specifically tailored courseware, which would be nearly impossible to create in-house, based on time and budgets.