Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City Finds E-Learning Solution with LearnKey


--Healthcare provider creates opportunities for its employees to improve skills through LearnKey’s online training courses--





Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City (BCBSKC) has 1050 employees. It is the area's largest health benefits provider, serving more than 880,000 members in 32 counties in greater Kansas City, northwest Missouri, and Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas.




Several BCBSKC employees expressed a desire to the Human Resources Department for assistance in improving skills that would aid in the advancement of their careers.


The Company needed a way to efficiently and cost-effectively conduct a training program that provided their employees with the vital skill sets to satisfy requirements for new positions and advancement.


Yvonne Petite, the Training and Development Specialist for BCBSKC said, “We used to have very little in terms of internal training resources. We found ourselves sending our employees out for instructor-led training through various vendors and programs. Obviously, it became extremely expensive to send each individual who needed or wanted training to an instructor-led class. We really needed to implement an online training program for our employees.”


Petite and the HR team worked with other internal departments to implement certain training requirements based on job roles. They wanted a training program that paralleled the requirements. For instance, those on the marketing team needed to prove that they had experience and proficiency with Microsoft PowerPoint®, those in the actuary department should know Access® well, and all employees needed basic or advanced skills in Microsoft Word®.


“We wanted to provide our employees with the resources they needed to excel,” Petite said. “As such, we felt it was time to bring on board a secure, online, on-demand learning program that provided training access at any time. We also needed a more cost effective way to provide computer skills than instructor-led training.”




Following a search among several vendors who specialize in e-learning solutions, Petite and her team chose LearnKey to provide the training programs they were looking for.


LearnKey has been on the cutting edge of providing expert learning solutions for nearly two decades. Petite was impressed by LearnKey because its courses are interactive, easy to use, and extremely engaging.


Petite found that LearnKey’s training content could be delivered right to the desktop via CD, Online or through a Network, bringing a classroom experience directly to employees.


“We have several required courses, particularly for managers but also for employees,” Petite said. “Generally, during an employee’s first year, they are required to take a certain number of courses—especially for skills that are specifically required for their position, for instance, actuary and marketing employees are required to obtain intermediate skills in Access® and PowerPoint. These skills are actually a component of their job descriptions.”


“What helped sell me on LearnKey was the fact that they have an actual person in the online training that talks and shows trainees how to do certain processes,” she said.


To facilitate the training program, Petite designated a room in the HR Department as the training room, which contains several computers, and can accommodate a number of people. Employees can schedule time to conduct their training. If they needed to access the program after-hours, they simply check out the interactive CDs.


“We also provide remote access to the LearnKey programs for our satellite offices,” Petite said. “People don’t have to drive in to our headquarters for training; we make that available for them.”


Users are able to take interactive pre and post assessments that correlate to the particular training they are involved with. “This is a wonderful feature LearnKey has provided. The HR department and the individuals taking the training really need to assess their skill level and gauge how much progress they made following the training,” Petite said.


Once employees finish their training, the HR Department records their progress for their personal records. Employees also receive a certificate of completion that becomes a part of their training history.




Petite and her team in the HR Department were able to leverage LearnKey and provide a critical training resource for employees at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City. About half of their 1,050 employees have utilized the online training program.


“This program is used with people who are both new employees as well as those who have been here for several years,” Petite said. “We like to promote from within, so when there is a new job opening internally, we often see a spike in the demand for online training—people want to spend a couple hours to brush up on their skills and make themselves more appealing for the new position or promotion.”


The online format is working so well, the team is considering moving some of their other training programs online, such as their annual sexual harassment prevention training for managers and new hires.


“We couldn’t have had such a successful program without the state-of-the-art e-learning courses from LearnKey. Also, their customer service was stellar—they made the implementation a breeze. LearnKey made it possible for us to deliver to our employees what they need to be successful.”