Workforce Readiness Bundle

Course Overview

The Workforce Readiness bundle is designed to support clients with resources which will help them to secure meaningful employment, work their way up into a career, and maximize their behavior to provide a higher level of satisfaction both at work and at home.

Included in this bundled program are video-based courses like:

  • Job Hunting in a Digital World
  • Know Your Talents
  • Business Ethics
  • The Seven Competency Skills for the Workplace
  • Making a Good Impression: Resumes, Interviews, and Appearance
  • Workplace Etiquette: Why Being Polite Counts on the Job
  • Matching Your Skills, Talents, and Ambitions to a Dream Career
  • Communication Skills for the Workplace

Additionally, we provide a brief one-on-one service which helps Veterans to see their own inherent behavior as something they can use to help them achieve their goals. This component challenges the client to set and reach education and career goals as well as to recognize what is and isn't working in their current behavior.

We highly recommend this Workforce Readiness program for all clients. If the client is doing other coursework with us, we will integrate this into their training plan to maximize the impact of the materials. If the client is enrolled in other education programs (four-year college or other), this material may be done concurrently with those programs and we can spread out the rate of completion to accommodate their schedule.


Eight video-based courses (listed above), behavioral assessment/coaching, online workbook (job hunting), and the support of the LearnKey Client Services team.

Price: $885.00

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Time to Complete*: 16 hours (+study time) or 1 week

*Estimated time includes instructional hours only