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Windows Vista Client Enterprise Support Course

Windows Vista Client Enterprise Support Course

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Windows Vista Client Enterprise Support Course

4 Sessions -
11 Hours of Interactive Training

Presented by expert Tom Carpenter, Windows Vista Client Enterprise Support from LearnKey will unleash the power of Vista in your environment and teach you all about the inner workings of the Vista Client. Vista has many new features and tools for administrators such as troubleshooting and user account control. You'll learn about group policies as well as how to work with and around the built-in functionality of Vista. At the conclusion of this course, you'll have the knowledge and understanding to implement this operating system effortlessly and effectively.

  • Learn how to easily administer a Vista Client in an Enterprise.
  • Master User Account Controls and Implement group policies.
  • Prepares you for you MCITP exam 70-622.

About The Author
Tom Carpenter is a trainer, consultant and author specializing in networking technologies and Microsoft solutions. Tom has written more than 15 books on topics ranging from Windows Server to wireless networking. He has trained more than 30,000 IT professionals since 1997 in face-to-face training classes and he has taught more than 60,000 through webinars and online training programs. He holds certifications with Microsoft, CompTIA and CWNP and is the current CTO for CWNP - the premiere 802.11 wireless administration certification program. With more than 20 years experience in the IT industry, Tom brings a wealth of experience to any training program.

Session 1

Section A: Windows Vista Client

  • Introduction
  • Prerequisites
  • Topics Covered
  • Vista Editions
  • New Features

Section B: Analyze Business Environments

  • Installation vs. Deployment
  • Deployment
  • Deployment Methods
  • Deployment Problems

Section C: Preparing for Installation

  • Review Current State
  • Forecasting
  • User Data Needs
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Edition Selection
  • Upgrade Advisor
  • WVHA Tool

Section D: Custom Image Tools

  • Imaging Tools
  • Deployment Tools
  • Windows PE Media
  • Create Boot Disk
  • View Boot Files
  • Create ISO Image

Section E: Creating Custom Images

  • Installation Factors
  • Creating WIM Files
  • ImageX Switches
  • Deploying with WIM

Section F: Post Installation Tasks

  • Migrating User Data
  • Migration Types
  • Manual Data Migration
  • Windows Easy Transfer
  • Configure Transfer
  • User State Migration Tool
  • Customize USMT
  • Vista Edition Upgrade

Section G: Troubleshooting Installations

  • Common Issues
  • Installation Logs
  • User Profile Changes
  • Roaming User Profiles
  • Dual Booting

Session 2

Section A: Network Protocol Configuration

  • View Configuration
  • IP Configuration Options
  • DHCP Configuration
  • Static IP Configuration
  • DHCP with Static IP

Section B: Network Services

  • New Network Services
  • Security Features
  • Network and Sharing Center
  • Network Map

Section C: Wireless Connections

  • Built-in Features
  • Supported Standards
  • Open Connections
  • Secured Connections
  • Manage Wireless Networks

Section D: Remote Access

  • Remote Desktop
  • New Features
  • Enable Remote Desktop
  • Configure RDC Users
  • Set Up RDC

Section E: Task Scheduling

  • Improvements
  • SchTasks Tool
  • Task Scheduler
  • Create a Task
  • Actions and Settings
  • Triggers and Conditions
  • Command Prompt

Section F: Group Policies

  • Group Policies in Vista
  • Policy Application
  • New Features
  • Add Console
  • Multiple Local GPO

Section G: Application Deployment

  • Distribution Options
  • Distribution Setup Options
  • Software Properties
  • Restricting Software Access
  • Troubleshooting Restrictions
  • Software Restriction Policy

Session 3

Section A: User Account Control

  • Understanding UAC
  • Standard vs. Admin
  • Elevation Color Code
  • Consent Admin
  • Activate UAC
  • UAC Group Policies

Section B: Firewalls

  • Windows Firewall Functionality
  • Firewall Control Panel
  • Firewall Group Policies
  • Firewall with Advanced Security
  • Monitor Firewall

Section C: Windows Defender

  • Introducing Windows Defender
  • Event ID Types
  • Defender Configuration
  • Software Explorer

Section D: Security

  • IPSec
  • EFS and BitLocker
  • Security Configuration
  • GPResult
  • Security Console
  • Create Security Templates
  • Security Configuration Analysis

Section E: Authentication

  • Authentication Defined
  • UAC and Authentication
  • Access Tokens
  • Vista Login Credentials
  • Authentication Tips
  • Credential Manager

Section F: Authorization Processes

  • Authorization Defined
  • Permissions
  • Privileges
  • File Level Permissions
  • Set User Privileges

Section G: IE 7 Security

  • IE Protected Mode
  • Phishing Filter
  • Pop-up Blockers
  • Add-on Manager
  • Security Settings

Session 4

Section A: Troubleshooting Tools

  • Policy Tools
  • Resultant Set of Policy
  • Group Policy Management
  • Computer Management
  • Device Manager
  • Disk Management
  • Services

Section B: Connectivity Issues

  • Network Diagnostics
  • Insert Cable
  • IP Protocol Issue
  • Access Auditing
  • Ping - Path Ping
  • Portqry
  • Ipconfig

Section C: Compatibility

  • Issues
  • Applications
  • ACT 5.0
  • Security Enhancements
  • Built-in Tools
  • Compatibility Wizard
  • Compatibility Property Tab

Section D: Desktop Applications

  • Environment Variables
  • Windows Sidebar
  • Multiple Monitors
  • MSDT Tool

Section E: Performance and Reliability

  • Management Tools
  • Task Manager
  • Performance Information Tools
  • Performance Monitor
  • Reliability Monitor
  • Advanced System Settings
  • Disk Defragmentation

Section F: Logs and Events

  • Event Manager
  • Event Forwarding
  • Set Up Event Forwarding
  • Custom Views

Section G: Patches and Updates

  • Windows Update
  • Update Settings
  • Update Management
  • Patches
  • Using Windows Update
  • Windows Update Policies