LearnKey's Team Development Series is a collection of six interactive courses - Mentoring, Working Together, Team Leadership, Increasing Employee Productivity, Effective Meeting Skills, and Team Problem Solving. Each course contains valuable tools and insights, and completing this series will arm you with an array of skills that will help you to develop an efficient, effective team. Team Development Series Shea, Zuckerman, Simons, Hackett, Martin, Tylczak, Haynes & Pokras
 • Gleam the rewards of effective team interactions.
 • Build strong teams and be an effective leader.
 • Help your team accomplish its goals.
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   6 Session / 8-10 Hours
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"This course from LearnKey was amazing! I made it through all of the training in a week. The experts really know their stuff. This will be very useful information the rest of my life. Thanks again! "

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