Support Specialists
Job Role

Support Specialists provide technical assistance, support and advice to customers and users.

The job requires the ability to interpret problems and provide technical support for hardware, software and systems.

Support Specialists:

  • answer telephone calls

  • analyze problems using automated
     diagnostic programs

  • resolve recurrent difficulties
     encountered by users

  • may specialize in an operational

They should have strong communication and interpersonal skills. The ability to communicate effectively with customers and end-users is an important factor for support specialists.

Recommended Education

  • Practical experience;
     ability to demonstrate fundamental
     computer skills

  • Technical elearning certifications

  • Computer related Associate's
     Degree or some college

  • Bachelor's Degree

Ref: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Occupational Outlook Handbook
2004 -05 Edition

What to Expect

Technical Certifications for computer support specialists are important for demonstrating knowledge for entry-level positions.

Support specialists who keep up on their skills, education and enhanced elearning should have the best opportunity for career advancement into network administration and Systems development.

They have careers in various industries such as government, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, data processing, finance, insurance and other information industries.

Employment Opportunities

  •  Computer Support Specialist

  •  Technical Support Specialist

  •  Help-Desk Technician
LearnKey Courses

  • *Windows Professional Admin

  • Windows XP MCDST Certification

  • Windows 2003 MCSA Certification

  • A+ Certification Series

  • Telephone Communication Series

  • Customer Service Series

  • Security Essentials

  • Understanding Your PC
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