A test prep tool from LearnKey that will help those who are seeking industry certifications put the finishing touches on their comprehension and confidence as a final step before sitting for the exam. The MasterExam supplements the training and hands-on experience needed to pass the certification exam. MasterExams have an open book and closed book quiz mode, both having an available prescriptive study guide and a timed exam that mocks the actual industry exams.

Student Workbooks

The student workbook is arranged in the exact order as the LearnKey instruction, allowing students to follow along and ensuring they identify with all concepts taught. The student workbook also includes activities like fill in the blank, word find, crossword puzzles, projects and more to supplement learning and aid in content retention.

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Teacher Workbooks

The teacher workbook is arranged in the exact order as the LearnKey instruction, as well as the corresponding student workbook. The teacher workbook includes suggested lesson plans for 4 - 8 week programs for teachers using LearnKey training in the classroom. In addition to comprehensive details, background information, answers and explanations for instructors, this workbook also includes answer sheets for all workbook activities.

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Learning Online

Training Course

This course focuses on the techniques required for the successful completion of self-paced online courses, or traditional education online classes. You will learn about the technologies involved in online learning and how to effectively implement those technologies to aid in your success. You will learn study strategies and their similarities and differences with traditional classroom methods. We'll teach you effective group study and communication techniques to give you the tools you'll need to ensure your success.

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