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Reselling Opportunities

LearnKey utilizes qualified and committed, geographic based reseller partners that put LearnKey eLearning solutions front and center. LearnKey Partners are focused on relationship-driven sales in their local business, government, and education markets. Partners are trained to ask the right questions, add value, and provide the solution that best fits a customer's needs. LearnKey Partners can customize client solutions from a suite of eLearning products and platforms, including courses for IT certification, widely used desktop productivity and design software, and personal productivity skills.

For more information on becoming a LearnKey reseller partner:

United States - salesadmin@learnkey.com
International - LKSalesInternational@learnkey.com

International Sales

The sale of LearnKey products to customers outside the US is supported through relationships with representative companies in each of LearnKey's appointed International Areas of Trade. Customers located within a LearnKey Area of Trade may purchase from the area's appointed Distributor(s) or authorized Resellers. LearnKey representatives do not support customers from an Area of Trade other than their own. If you are located in an Area of Trade defined below please find the applicable LearnKey International Distributor or Reseller.

Please email LKSalesInternational@learnkey.com for guidance or general information on international purchasing.

International Sellers Map Australia - Includes Papua New Guinea Canada Ireland & UK India UK New Zealand - Includes South Pacific Islands New Zealand - Includes South Pacific Islands Direct LearnKey Support Area

World-Wide Partners

CCI Learning
E-mail: CCI Learning
Phone: 800-668-1669 (US)
Fax: 866-760-2354

International Areas of Trade

Australia - Includes Papua New Guinea
E-mail: In Learning
Phone: 61-7-3287-5300
Fax: 61-7-3827-5355

E-mail: ShadowBox Learning Services
Phone: 888-808-7919 (Canada)
Fax: 705-325-7856

E-mail: CyberLearning
Phone: 91 8010-022-022

Ireland & UK
E-mail: Prodigy Learning
Phone: 01 293 2924 (Ireland) / 0845 399 1551 (UK)

E-mail: October Systems
Phone: 01223 894 136
Fax: 0870 622 0757

New Zealand - Includes South Pacific Islands
E-mail: ICCentral
Phone: 64 9 918 6337

Direct LearnKey Support Areas

The following general areas are NOT within a reseller supported International Area of Trade and may deal directly with LearnKey Corporate.

  • North Pacific Islands
  • Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Caribbean
  • Mexico, Central and South America
  • Europe (except UK & Ireland)
  • Russia and former republics
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Central and Southwest Asia (except India)
  • Southeast Asia and The Philippines
  • Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China

Note: U.S. Government and military customers utilizing U.S. APO/FPO addresses that forward to locations outside the U.S. are considered to be international customers and part of this Direct Support list.

Email LKSalesInternational@learnkey.com for guidance or general information on international purchasing.