Professional results are based on high personal quality standards. After completing this group training, based on the book Quality at Work by Diane Bone & Rick Griggs, you will understand why personal quality standards are essential in the workplace. It will also enable you to establish quality guidelines, which you can develop and apply to situations on the job. Learn how to set standards and achieve a higher quality of performance in your job or business Diane Bone & Rick Griggs
 • Create team spirit by enhancing employee skills.
 • Measure your organization's success and growth.
 • Encourage and reward high quality contributions.
Author Both Diane Bone and Rick Griggs are published authors covering topics from listening to balance to quality. Diane is a member of the International Listening Association and the National Speaker's Association. Rick founded Griggs Achievement and Manfit Press to offer achievement principles, life balance and books to support management and career success.    1 Session / 3 Hours
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"This course from LearnKey was amazing! I made it through all of the training in a week. The experts really know their stuff. This will be very useful information the rest of my life. Thanks again! "

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