The leader of today has a vision for tomorrow: a vision that is clear, achievable, motivating, and exciting. Managing by vision allows an organization to create its future. This LearnKey course, based on the book Organizational Vision, Values, and Mission by Dr. Cynthia D. Scott & Dr. Dennis T. Jaffe, shows managers how to develop organizational vision, values, and mission to build team spirit and productivity. Learn how to develop realistic oranizational values and mission statement for your business or company Dr. Cynthia D. Scott & Dr. Dennis T. Jaffe
 • Create a productive atmosphere achieve results.
 • Chart your progress by following a plan.
 • Achieve your goals and celebrate successes along the way.
Author Dr. Cynthia D. Scott is a recognized leader in the field of high performance, managing change and visionary leadership and is a licensed psychologist while Dr. Dennis T. Jaffe is recognized in the fields of executive team development, visionary leadership and new models of health care. He earned a Ph.D. in sociology at Yale. Together they founded Changeworks, Inc.    1 Session / 3 Hours
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"This course from LearnKey was amazing! I made it through all of the training in a week. The experts really know their stuff. This will be very useful information the rest of my life. Thanks again! "

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