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Learning Windows XP Course

Learning Windows XP Course

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Learning Windows XP Course

3 Sessions -
7 Hours of Interactive Training

Update your computing skills and jump-start new ones as you learn Windows XP from experts Erica Wadley and Nicole Kimzey. This LearnKey course uses real scenarios to help you optimize your system with enhanced settings, browser and email options, and much more. You'll learn how to use advanced features including the photo editing suite, digital media library and moviemaker interface. As you become familiar with the Windows XP environment, you'll build timesaving skills that help you get the most from your PC and become more productive.

  • Quickly learn what Windows XP can do.
  • Understand functions and features to make tasks a breeze.
  • Increase your potential with technical mastery and proficiency.

About The Author
Expert instructor and PowerSeller Dr. Erica Wadley runs an eBay store that has more than 99% positive customer feedback and sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products. Erica also has extensive experience in the computer and training industries and is skilled at planning and structuring the development of educational content. She has worked with several noted universities and Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and AOL.
Nicole Kimzey is owner of a development company that markets customized software to businesses worldwide. She previously owned a data processing firm and taught word processing to end-users all over the world for a Fortune 500 company. Her insight and experience, combined with a relaxed teaching style, enable her to effectively communicate with her audience.

Session 1

Section A: What Is Windows XP?

  • Introduction
  • System Requirements
  • Activate Windows
  • Register Windows

Section B: Working with Windows

  • Windows Desktop
  • Open Window
  • Title Bar
  • Window Control Buttons
  • Taskbar Buttons
  • Resize Window
  • Arrange Windows
  • Stack Taskbar Buttons

Section C: Working with Programs

  • Window Bars
  • WordPad Workspace
  • Open File
  • Use Scroll Bar
  • Cursor Movement
  • Delete/Insert Keys
  • Text Selection
  • Copy/Paste/Cut

Section D: Files and Folders

  • Grouping Concepts
  • Folder Structure
  • File Structure
  • Organizing Files
  • Find Files

Section E: Organizing Your Workspace

  • Create Shortcuts
  • Start Menu Layout
  • Start Menu Options
  • Taskbar Options
  • Quick Launch Area

Section F: Enhanced Settings

  • Magnifier
  • Narrator
  • On-Screen Keyboard
  • Accessibility Wizard
  • Utility Manager

Section G: Help and Support

  • Help and Support Center
  • Interface
  • Help Index
  • Help Topics
  • Search for Topic
  • Navigate Help
  • Add to Favorites
  • Support

Session 2

Section A: Appearance and Themes

  • Open Control Panel
  • Change Theme
  • Desktop Backgrounds
  • Screen Savers
  • Window Appearance
  • Display Settings
  • Mouse Pointers

Section B: Printers and Hardware

  • Plug and Play
  • Add a Printer
  • Multiple Printers
  • Printer Preferences
  • Paper Quality

Section C: The Internet

  • Introduction
  • Set Up Connection
  • Access the Internet
  • Explorer Toolbar
  • History Bar
  • Navigate with Explorer

Section D: Customizing the Browser

  • Search a Topic
  • Find a Term
  • Store Pages
  • Work Offline
  • Security and Privacy
  • Content Advisor

Section E: E-mail and Messaging

  • Set Default E-mail
  • Outlook Express
  • Address Book
  • Group Contacts
  • Create Message
  • Send/Receive Mail
  • Windows Messenger
  • Messenger Status

Section F: Network Basics

  • Why Network?
  • Network Types
  • Setup Wizard
  • Run Setup Wizard
  • Network Places
  • Share a Folder

Section G: User Accounts

  • Account Types
  • Create an Account
  • Change an Account
  • Switch User

Session 3

Section A: Working with Photos

  • My Pictures
  • E-mail a Picture
  • Print a Picture
  • Desktop Background
  • Scanner/Camera
  • Photo Album
  • Create Screen Saver
  • Internet Pictures

Section B: Windows Media Player

  • Media Guide
  • Radio Tuner
  • Skin Chooser
  • Visualizations
  • Media Library
  • Copy Music
  • Create Playlist
  • Copy to CD

Section C: Windows Movie Maker

  • Overview
  • System Requirements
  • Open Movie Maker
  • Video Tips
  • Audio Tips
  • Create Movie
  • Import Pictures

Section D: Maintenance

  • Recycle Bin
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Remove Programs
  • Scheduled Tasks
  • Power Options

Section E: Troubleshooting

  • Memory
  • Optimize Memory Usage
  • Viruses
  • Device Manager
  • Troubleshoot Device
  • System Restore
  • Create Restore Point