In today's busy world you need tools that give you organized information at your fingertips. LearnKey's built-in LMS is a fully functional Learning Management System that is easy to use and easy to administer. This system has built-in reporting for enterprise, group, and individual users that allow you to validate the outcome of the programs and the effectiveness of the courses.

Watch as your staff and students progress in their learning path. Performance growth can be monitored and mentored to help each learner maximize the outcome for the time spent. View prescriptive study guides for each user, or see a whole group's performance on a particular course. Identify quickly when a program is creating the expected outcome - measure based on usage, progression of training, and pre and post assessments.

OnlineExpert Learning Management System


Monitor Learning Programs in real-time

Direct learners' courses based on user feedback

Study Assessment scores to ensure the skill sets and increased knowledge benchmarks are being met

Measure functional performance of staff and students

Keep training on time and on budget through the use of informed data

Monitor the critical areas to ensure that learning programs succeed