When installing Network Expert the website set up takes over the default website and another website no longer works

Detailed Information:

    This happens when the standard install for Network Expert takes place and the Website set up is not pointed to a different IP address location.


    1) A website other than Network Expert already existed on your server prior to the installation and set up of Network Expert. Network Expert will automatically take that website’s IP address unless you specify otherwise. If this happens, please revert your original website back as the default.

    2) Check to see if there is only one IP Address on the server. NetworkExpert needs its own website (does not need to be the default website) and its own dedicated IP Address.

    3) Under IIS-->Websites, right click to add another website and direct it to the look under the NetworkExpert folder where the media is located. Set a separate IP Address for the NetworkExpert site. Add the IIS_USRS (for Server 2008) or IUSR_(server name) account and give full control permissions for the NetworkExpert folder.

    a. You may create a second IP address for the NetworkExpert website by following the instructions below:

    1. New IP must be allowed for use by your IT department or Network Administrator in order to avoid conflicts.
    2. Under properties on the primary NIC click the advanced tab and add an additional IP address/subnet.
    3. Click Ok and save
    4. Restart server for it to take effect otherwise the new IP Address will not show up in IIS as available for the website.

    *Note: Please verify with your Network Administrator the second IP address you are adding is not in use by another device on your network.

Date Created: 3/5/2008 Date Modified: 12/16/10

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