When you log in, you receive the above message.

Detailed Information:

    If you login as Admin and check the registration information by clicking on the "Registration " link under the "Home " tab, you will see when Network Expert expires.

    You will need to call your account manager at 1-800-865-0165 in order to renew your NetworkExpert platform.

    After you renew your subscription and receive updated registration information from Technical Support, please follow the steps below to reactivate NetworkExpert.


    1. Log on as an Administrator
    2. Click on Home
    3. Click on Registration
    4. If your Product Key has changed, enter the new key (including dashes) into the Serial Number box
    5. Enter the new Registration Code (including dashes)
    6. Click on Register

Date Created: 4/6/2008 Date Modified: 12/16/10

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