When launching the course videos or interactive labs from your CD, you get stuck on a blank/loading screen that may or may not have an error icon in the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Detailed Information:

    This issue is caused either by the Adobe flash active X control not being installed for Internet Explorer or the installation is corrupt.

    If this is happening with an interactive lab window, Sun Java VM must also be installed in order to run properly.


    Please follow the instructions below to resolve the issue.

    First, please update adobe flash player with the following link.

    Please uninstall Adobe flash player with the uninstaller found within the zip file at the link below:

    Click here to download the Zip file containing the Uninstaller/Reinstaller for Adobe Flash Player 10.0

    Afterwards, please reinstall Adobe flash player for Internet Explorer by running the flash player installer within the same zip file.

    For Interactive Lab issues, please continue following the instructions below.

    Please open your control panel and choose “Add/Remove Programs”. Next, uninstall all instances of Sun Java within the list. Afterwards, please install Sun Java from the following link, restart internet explorer and verify the this resolves the issue.

    Click here to download Sun Java Virtual Machine

Date Created: 3/5/2008 Date Modified: 12/14/10

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