When you right click in a lab or test question in order to use the menu, you only get a Flash Player menu and not the intended simulation menu or you receive an error message forcing the browser to close.

Detailed Information:

    The right click issue in some of the test questions with newer versions of Adobe Flash Player is a known bug in Flash that we are currently working with Adobe on to resolve. For now, the solution is to use Flash Player 10.0. Thank you for your patience while we work with Adobe on a permanent resolution.


    For now, the solution to this issue is to use Flash Player 10.0.

    Follow the steps below to remove the current version of Flash and install Flash 10.0 Player.

    1. Please download the following zip file containing the Flash player uninstaller and installer:
    2. Save to your Desktop
    3. When finished click on Open or go to the location on your desktop and run the file
    4. Folder will open up in whatever ZIP program you have installed (winzip, Winrar)
    5. Close all open browser windows and double click on "uninstall_flash_player.exe "
    8. Click on Uninstall
    9. Click on OK when finished
    10. Double Click on "Flashplayer10r45_2_winax.exe "
    11. Click on Yes to Install
    12. Click on OK when finished
    13. Test to verify the issue has been resolved

Date Created: 8/21/2003 Date Modified: 11/19/10

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